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A Seattle Family, Tanzanian Orphans, and a Van A story of how miracles can happen When the Whitaker family approached me about an opportunity to give back during her Serengeti Family Safari I was happy to help. What transpired turned into one of the best fairy tale charity stories I’ve had the privilege of being a part of during my career. A real organic outpouring of community spirit inspired by one family’s generosity and desire to directly improve the lives of others.  When a family or group of travelers is interested in making a charitable donation in Tanzania, we often set up a visit to a rural school district. However, the Whitaker family was traveling over the Christmas holiday time period when many of the schools are closed and the children are at home. Through a local colleague we found Elias Japhet and the Pambazuko Orphanage, which he and his wife have been running in the small agricultural town of...
Top 5 Reasons to Head to Costa Rica With my Padre My Dad and I are traveling to Costa Rica next week for a much needed vacation. I thought it would be a neat idea for each of us to write down the top 5 reasons we want to visit Costa Rica and compare them. A little about us first:  for starters, I'm in my 20's and my Dad is in his 60's. We've both been very fortunate to travel extensively, but his list is much more extensive than mine. Needless to say, finding a destination neither of us has been to was a challenge in itself. Luckily we have similar interests and both enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, snorkeling, etc...  We decided on Costa Rica in a very technical fashion... we both wrote down a list of our top 5 places we wanted to visit next and Costa Rica was the match!  Now for the reasons we want to go to Costa...
What if your children planned a trip to Greece? Remember the month your son spent absorbed in the Percy Jackson series? How he got out his pen and acted as though it was Percy’s Riptide Sword? Or when your daughter dressed up as Athena with full body armor and pretended to be leading a battle to face Achilles at Troy? Do you recall when they studied Greek history in school and drew images of what they supposed Mt. Olympus looks like? They would take you there, on a family trip to Greece! To the places they read about, in search of the gods. They would climb Olympia, and explore every corner of Delphi or the Palamidi castle. They would run like Olympic athletes at the Athen’s Panathinaikon Stadium. Laugther would erupt while they dunk each other in the River Neda. Your daughter would ask to go swimming in the sea as often as possible and to spend time with...
Why the whole family will love the Galapagos Islands Probably 2/3 -3/4 of the travelers I work with on Galapagos Island trips are families. They come to us in all ages and configurations – multi-generational reunions, or a single parent taking a newly-graduated son or daughter on a celebratory trip. Sometimes several families join together for a holiday celebration. If you have not yet considered the Galapagos for your next family holiday, here’s why you SHOULD: The Galapagos have something for everyone – amazing wildlife, incredible landscapes, morning-to-eve activities like hikes, kayaking and snorkeling.   All of these great activities are reached via the comfort of a beautiful yacht, with complimentary wetsuits, snorkeling gear and kayaks. Even complimentary wine with delicious dinners. What’s not to like?   A visit to the Galapagos Islands makes the best “Show & Tell” subject EVER for your child’s class. Sea lions in mangrove trees and dinghies, snorkeling with penguins (yes, penguins!), volcanic craters...
Costa Rica Ranks Top 5 for Best Health Care in the World Costa Rica among the top 5 countries that provide the Best Health Care in the world. I felt very proud to hear Costa Rica was ranked among the top 5 countries with the best health care systems on the planet, according to the Huffington Post. If you have ever being worried about traveling to Costa Rica for health issues, you can rest assure that you will be in a very safe environment from arrival to departure and that in case of any emergency you will be in the professional hands with access to the best health technology. Here are 9 reasons I feel help Costa Ricans be healthy and also have great public and private health care systems: 1. The Lifestyle: Having a slower, laid back and tropical pace of living. 2. Fresh Water: The water throughout Costa Rica is good to drink. Approx. 99% of the urban population is...
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