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Fun Fact of the Day: Baby Elephants Suck Their Trunks! BBC wildlife contributor Kate Evans lets us in on a little known, and certainly adorable, fun fact about elephants. As in all young mammals, an elephant calf's sucking reflex is strong. And when a youngster is not feeding, it may suck its trunk for comfort, just as a human baby would suck its thumb. Newborn elephants have little control over their trunks and must learn how to use them. They practice by exploring their environment - touching fellow herd members, their surroundings and themselves. They must then master the use of their trunks for feeding. With more than 50,000 individual muscle units in the trunk, it's a complex skill to learn. This hilarious video demonstrates the struggles of mastering the trunk. Though trunk-sucking is more common in the early stages of life, elephants of all ages do it, even big old bulls, usually when they are feeling nervous or unsure!...
Mom, we should go back to Costa Rica every year! Young adventures Lucia and Oscar just finished their second trip to Costa Rica this year with their family. This time they came back to visit one of their favorite places: The Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park on the South Pacific of Costa Rica, and this time they took my suggestion to also visit Tortuguero National Park on the extreme opposite side of the country, the North Caribbean. Lucia and Oscar's Mom, Katherine, shares their experience with us: "Dear Grettel, First, thank you so much for the bug book and the towels and water bottles!! I really appreciate how you go all out for your families, the great care you put into creating a wonderful travel experience from start to finish. I absolutely could not recommend Wildland Adventures more highly- I am a walking advertisement to anyone who asks about our trip! It's interesting because some friends of ours traveled...

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Guest Travel Blogs Gone Wild! After returning from traveling 35 days in Africa from Cape Town to Zambia, I just read through all the Wildland blogs posted in the past month by our staff and WOW, what a gold mine of heart-felt appreciation from our guest reviews, and expert information from our destination program directors!   We've been calling on our travelers to share their experiences more and now there  are so many informative, inspiring, insightful blog entries. Especially when read all together as I just did they are a wonderful reflection of what 'The Wild Style' is all about in terms of custom itineraries, flexible schedules, exceptional guides, meaningful personal experiences, special activities, and lots of great food, wine and fun. Charlie and Muki shared why they chose Wildland among the many trips and companies they compared:   “We chose this itinerary after we looked at multiple Patagonia itineraries from different companies. This trip...

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A taste of Vietnam: Banh Mi recipe In Southeast Asia you can discover a vast and diverse landscape trodden with centuries-old migration and trading routes connecting ancient sites of once classical kingdoms. The shared borders and easy connections between countries present the modern traveler with a unique blend of cultures and languages in a dynamic region constantly adapting and blending traditions. It is a crossroads of influence with deep connections beyond its formerly leonine neighbors of China and India, to the wider world integrating new ideas and institutions within existing traditions. Perhaps the most discernable and delicious example I have from my travels there is the cuisine. Banh mi was a staple for me in Vietnam. You might be wondering what banh mi is and fearing the worst. No, it’s not an insect nor is it some sort of pickled appendage. Rather it’s a French baguette stuffed with pate, chicken or pork, pickled carrot, daikon (radish), cucumber and cilantro, topped...

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New for Alaska for 2016! Wait – am I talking about NEXT summer? But this one has barely started! True, but I don’t want you to miss out on an Alaska adventure. I am always amazed at how fast Alaska sells out for the summer and if you want to go on one of our summer 2015 cruises you can choose from… wait for it… THREE cabins between June and when the kids go back to school. Everything else, all nearly 100 cabins over three boats on more than 35 departures this summer are sold out! The good news is that 2016 dates, itineraries, and rates just became available last week. New for 2016: Family pricing available on all departures. Kids between 8 and 13 receive a $500 per child discount. Two new itineraries/ships available this year – Exploring the Wilderness of Muir on the Safari Endeavour featuring a day in the Glacier Bay National...
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