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Into the Heart of Varanasi How do you connect with 1.2 billion people? In India, our local connections all started with Amit and Jessika Sankahla years ago, now a new family with their little daughter Siyana. Meet the Sankahla family in Kurt's previous blog. They have introduced us to their extended family, friends and so many acquaintances in local communities throughout India. Amit’s grandfather was a leading tiger conservationist in the 1950s whose work was supported by Indira Gandhi. Today, Amit follows in his father’s path taking Wildland travelers to his jungle ecolodges on our Tigers and Travels in India where we have seen many tigers accompanied by some of the region’s most exceptional naturalist guides and in local trackers. At Khana Jungle Lodge, we are welcomed by Dimple and Tarun, Amit’s cousins who have been running the lodge for 20 years and host us like family. In between the morning and afternoon tiger safaris Dimple gives cooking lessons and...

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How to Make Local Connections in Morocco I would say the single most difficult thing about planning a trip is finding an authentic cultural experience with the locals and I'm not talking about pulling over in a small town to buy some souvenirs. I'm talking about a real sincere opportunity to get to know the locals, without artifice and without a script. By far my favorite memories have been getting the chance to get to know the locals and experience their daily life. Finding that local connection is especially arduous when planning a trip to Morocco. Morocco is undeniably a beautiful and fascinating country, but not the easiest place to find an authentic experience. It's really important if your planning to travel to Morocco that you go with a travel company that really knows Morocco well and more importantly, has amazing guides.  Having a local guide that you can trust is the true key to a successful trip in Morocco. Luckily for me...

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A Patagonian Victory Patagonia. The word is synonymous with the rugged beauty and untamed landscapes that is an utter rarity in today’s modern world. Home to thousands of miles of old-growth forests, extraordinary species, mountain glaciers and a vast variety of other bountiful natural resources, Patagonia is a priceless refuge and heritage site that must be protected. Over the past several years, the HidroAysen Project, which intended to place five dams on two of the healthiest rivers in Chile’s Patagonian region- two on Rio Baker and three on Rio Pascua respectively- has been a looming threat. The proposed joint-collaboration between Chile’s Colbun and Spain’s Endesa companies would have cost $7 billion dollars and generated 18 gigawatt hours of power. The damage, including 1,000 miles of old-growth forest clear-cut, 1,500 miles of transmission lines stretched, 15,000 acres flooded, and the displacement of many local peoples “would have put at risk the wilderness, traditional culture,...

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New in the Wild Hola! As the new South America program director, I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and also take a moment to thank Kirsten Gardner for paving the way for me and offering such great support and guidance as I assume this position. My name is Gretchen Traut and I was born in New York City and raised in Seattle.  My family has roots in Germany and along the Slovak/Polish border which resulted in frequent travels to Europe during my childhood to visit relatives and family friends. My family’s strong heritage and yearly travels ignited within me a deep and ever-broadening desire to venture into the unknown and seek out intercultural experiences and adventures. The vast majority of my adult life I have spent abroad, as I have constantly looked for new ways to study, teach and travel internationally on my own.  I think that, as international citizens in...
Performance Meets Comfort - prAna Monarch Convertible pant The prAna Monarch Convertible pant is the most durable, versatile and comfortable pair of bottoms in my closet…ok, I have to admit there are actually two pairs and they are rarely in my closet as I take them everywhere I travel. Durability: I’ve been known to go off-trail a time or two, but these pants have held up to branches, rocks and every extreme environment I’ve encountered. The water repellent finish is especially nice for those of us living in the Northwest and also the reason I wear them on every mountaineering adventure. This is a great feature for travels abroad during rainy seasons as well. Versatility: Did I mention these pants come with me everywhere I travel? I wear them while hiking/backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, skydiving and even just strolling around town. The ability to convert these pants to a knicker is especially wonderful on long trips. I wore these...
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