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February 8, 2014 at 10 am - The Savvy Traveler (Edmonds, WA) will be hosting a travel seminar on Patagonia and Beyond: Chile and Argentina Top to Bottom presented by Wildland Adventures South America Program Director Kirsten Gardner.  More about the event: Patagonia is a vast, wild land stretching from the Antarctic environment of Tierra del Fuego to high Andean mountains and wind-swept Patagonian steppe. Wildland Adventures’ will highlight the wildlife, gaucho culture, and the hiking and trekking opportunities throughout this spectacular region of Chile and Argentina. We’ll review the best ways to explore Patagonia, recommended lodges and eco-camps for hiking in the heart of Torres del Paine, Fitzroy and Los Glaciares National Parks. And beyond Patagonia, in the rest of Chile and Argentina we travel to Iguazu Falls, the Lakes District, the Atacama Desert, wine tasting and exploring Mendoza and Salta of NW Argentina, Easter Island, the great cities...
Call us weird, but our family does not mind a little hard work during a vacation. The important adjective here is "little." The staff at Wildland knows our preferences very well, and that is why we enjoy traveling with Wildland so much. On December 29, 2013 we began our adventures in Costa Rica with a ride through the interior highlands of the country. Our guide made stops along the way to show us a variety of wildlife: toucans, sloths, and iguanas to name a few. After a therapeutic stop for ice cream, it was time to get serious. We arrived at La Fortuna Waterfall for some swimming. Two brave family members out of four made the decision to get their feet wet. The water in the swimming hole was chilly, but the experience to swim near a gorgeous 150 ft waterfall was unforgettable. The jovial atmosphere at La Fortuna was...
January 25 at 10 am - The Savvy Traveler (Edmonds, WA) will be hosting a travel seminar with special guest speaker, Mark Butcher, a leading professional safari guide and conservationist from Zimbabwe. LIVE RECORDING With an unbridled passion for the bush and African wildlife, Mark has worked as a ranger in Hwange National Park involved in anti-poaching, game capture and wildlife management. After an introduction from Wildland President, Kurt Kutay, about safaris in Southern Africa, Mark will share his passion for his native Zimbabwe based on his wildlife encounters in the bush and working relationships with local communities. Today, as Wildland's partner in the region, Mark is the Managing Director of Imvelo Safaris featuring four lodges and tent camps in Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River, and in Hwange National Park. Discover Zimbabwe from the eyes of a professional ranger, guide and lodge manager. He will introduce us to a rich...

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Guest Review submitted by Dawn B.  Antarctica proved to be a dream vacation. I’ve visited many far-off places of the planet, but Antarctica holds a place of honor all its own. It is a magical land where we were privileged to spend 8 days exploring in their late spring (Nov-Dec) season. During our expedition we had landings twice per day – morning & afternoon. We went ashore for 2-4 hours each time, hiking ~ 2 miles at each landing site. We found the area pristine, quiet, remote, tranquil, desolate, unforgiving, & inspiring. A magnificent land! You simply cannot imagine what it feels like to be there – until you are there. But all the while I felt a deep respect, if not an intimidation, from the ocean & the weather, at whose mercy we gently visited this forgotten land.  The Continent Before I begin describing what it's like to travel...

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I’m a 5 time alumni and In October/November of 2013, I took my 5th Safari to Africa: the Best of Serengeti and Masai Mara Safari. This having been my 5th safari, I was selective in the parks I wanted to visit and more specifically, the wildlife I wanted to see and photograph. I wanted to see cats! And of course I saw cats…big cats, little cats, newborn cats, old cats. On the first game drive in the Serengeti, we saw lion, leopard and cheetah. I couldn’t have been happier! In the Mara, I was privileged to see three 2-week old cheetahs, the mother had just brought them out of their hiding spot and we were among the first to see them. And on our last drive, we were able to see cheetah very up close and personal. There are 3 cheetah siblings in the Mara who were taught by their...
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