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15 Years Going Strong - My Favorite Suitcase

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Where ever you find me when I travel, you find my favorite ultimate suitcase, the MEI Convertible.  It has become my trusty travel companion and I highly recommend it.  I have had this bag for over 15 years, with nary a tear or scuff.  

My bag waiting for me in an office in IndiaMy bag waiting for me in an office in India

Why do I like this bag so much?  

It converts to a comfortable backpack with a waist-belt and shoulder pads. I have walked miles with this pack.  You can stow the straps away and use the side shoulder strap or handle to change the bag to a standard suitcase.

It is small and malleable – fitting under your seat on nearly any plane or on overhead rack on a bus.  It fits smaller adults, such as me, quite well.  I recommend it for adventure cruises where space is minimal such as on our Turquoise Coast Odyssey

The MEI convertible bag is high-quality, USA-made by a small company in California, Genuine Gear.  It seems to be impervious to damage even after months and months of non-stop use in the most remote and dirty destinations!  

It is easy to organize without too many pockets.  I put books in one front pocket and valuable items in the other than secure the pocket with a small combination lock.  The smaller pockets are great for papers, cords and small items you would like easy access to.

Finally, the cost is low at $100.  

If you are looking for a convenient, quality bag, try MEI.  Even my cat likes my bag.  She tried to go with me on my last trip to India, but had to stay home.  

Happy Travels!

Laura Finkelstein



  • Kurt Kutay
    Kurt Kutay Tuesday, 24 June 2014

    So, Laura, I assume this doesn't have wheels? Are you still carrying your pack? Good for you! You are a strong woman.

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