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5 Things a Mom Can't Leave Home Without

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As a traveling mom with two little adventurers, I always need to be prepared for almost anything and everything we encounter during family travel. It is most definitely more work traveling with the family, but there's no greater pleasure than sharing somewhere amazing with the people I love most.
So mamas, here's 5 things you should think about bringing when traveling with the family.

Essentials for traveling moms
1. A new bedtime story for the kids- We've read quite a few in the Magic Treehouse series and with nearly 50 books in the collection I can usually find something that’s topical for the trip. I also read some topical non-fiction with the kids before we go.
2. Wipes- For the plane, for the car, for whatever my son has smeared on his face.
3. A cheap digital camera- So the kids can take their own pictures. We make a photo book of the trip when we return.
4. No more luggage than I absolutely need- If our family can’t easily carry all of our luggage, we’ll repack until we can.
5. Non-perishable snacks- Fruit leather, granola bars, anything that won’t cause a hassle at customs but will be a good ‘tide me over’ for when we’re inevitably traveling and somebody gets hungry.

Your friendly traveling mom,
Rachael Garrett


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