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A Rare Bear Spotted in the North Cascades of Washington State!

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On September 27, Wildland Adventures President, Kurt Kutay, captured this glimpse of a rare sub-species of Andean bear in the North Cascades of Washington State pursuing its favorite prey, the little Townsend's Chipmunk.
In his field notes Kutay observes, "I have seen the Andean Spectacled Bear filmed by Wildlife Media for their upcoming motion picture, Bear Trek The Movie, clinging to rocks on steep inclines in the northern Andes of Peru, just like this individual I witnessed on rock formations of the Cascades!" [See BEARTREK Peru Promo]
Image of the Andean Spectacaled Bear in the northern Andes of Peru.
Photo courtesy of Wildlife Media in support of the Andean Spectacled Bear Conservation Society Peru.
"But to witness this Cascadian sub-species of Andean bear (if that makes any sense to real biologists), clinging to rocks on a precipitous slope going downhill, well, that was just incredible to witness, no less capture on camera to share with the world!" exclaims Kutay.

Kutay was formerly the co-director of the Oregon Wilderness Coalition. Now from his Lake Forest Park office at Wildland Adventures overlooking Lake Washington and the Cascade Range, Kutay has recommitted himself to protecting the wildlands of Washington State thereby preserving the habitat of this rare bear that barks.

For more information about the real Andean Spectacled Bear see Wildlife Media and Bear Trek The Movie
Wildland Adventures offers nature and culture explorations around the world and has supported research and conservation of the Andean Spectacled Bear with proceeds from our adventures in Peru.


  • Guest
    Laura Finkelstein Wednesday, 04 September 2013

    He is too precious!

    He is too precious!

  • Guest
    julie Thursday, 05 September 2013

    It doesn't look like a bear at all. It's t...

    It doesn't look like a bear at all. It's tail, legs and nose look like a dog. Not surprising that it barks.

  • Guest
    katherine zecca Wednesday, 25 September 2013

    Is this for real or a big hairy dog?

    Is this for real or a big hairy dog?

  • Guest
    Kurt Kutay Wednesday, 25 September 2013

    katherine, it is for real, but it's not a bear...

    katherine, it is for real, but it's not a bear! He's our big fluffy Tibetan Mastif, Romeo, we rescued 5 years ago and is the best dog we've ever had. He really does look a little like an Andean Bear though! He comes to our office at Wildland Adventures every day.

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