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An award to a son who exemplifies a sensitivity and mindfulness to other cultures...

We came to Switzerland to explore this beautiful and diverse country, and to attend our son's college commencement after four years at Franklin College in Lugano. Tarek Kenton Kutay, and his mate Juan Diego Martinez Mendiola, earned a special award for students whose actions best exemplify "...a sensitivity and mindfulness to other cultures and whose behavior has been instrumental in helping the community gain awareness of cultural issues." Thank you to all teachers, friends, families and guides throughout the world who have shared our travel experiences, helped our family grow and learn, and who have known and supported Tarek. It was a proud day at the Franklin College special graduate awards ceremony.

Watch presentation of Gerta Holman Award to Diego Mendiola and Tarek Kutay (6 min): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhM2qB_SKho

In her presentation about Tarek the Dean of Students commented:

....he has demonstrated his commitment to learning and growing in his own identity as a man as well as learning about the perspective of other men around the world. He has engaged in dialogue about what masculinity looks like as an American and actively sought an understanding about what masculinity looks like in other cultures across the world....
...there is no other person that better represents the inner-cultural mission of Franklin College than Tarek Kutay....
...He has gone above and beyond demonstrating his conviction to supporting new students and providing a successful Franklin experience for first year students from around the world....
...He has shown his passion for global citizenship, intercultural communication and social justice. His focus during conversations at "See the Change" conference on social justice revolved around social change but on a global scale from peoples of all cultures and nations....
...In addition to his co-curricular endeavors he is an impeccable student, his  work on global social movement with Professor Vogalar is an advanced academic perspective in an emerging and continuing global trend with serious social implications.
...He takes his studies seriously; he focuses on issues and topics that he's passionate about pursuing in the future for his professional career. On top of the impressive list leadership responsibilities and academic achievements, he somehow manages to have a fulfilling personal life full of friends, fun and travel.
...He is a true inner-culturalist, a true diplomat, and a true global citizen. There is no other person that better represents the inner-cultural mission of Franklin College than Tarek Kutay.

Tarek receives his diploma: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk3UdiZ-kus&feature=youtu.be
Alessio receives his diploma: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYzwylJezWA&feature=youtu.be
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