Grettel Calderon is a native “Tica” from Costa Rica who began her career as an executive secretary then translated her penchant for details and organization to become one of the most knowledgeable and proficient Costa Rica adventure travel planners. She now has over 16 years experience as our Central America Program Director designing Costa Rica eco tours and to Panama, Nicaragua and Belize from Wildland Adventures’ field office as our in-country expert. Always exploring her native country, Grettel has also traveled throughout Central, South and North America, as well as in Europe, Asia and Africa. After living 3 years in the United States Grettel gained valuable insight into planning Costa Rica travel vacations for active and inquisitive Americans. She is an introspective and a conscientious listener who understands each traveler’s personal interests and style, especially Costa Rica family vacations.

Luxury Belize Vacation Review

Greg and Chris knew what they wanted in a trip and our  Luxury Family Belize Family Vacation  was just what they were looking for. They wanted different dates than those published and I was able to do not only that, but to run the trip on a private basis, just for them.  ​ "Grettel did a great job settin...
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9 things you might not know about Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the land of lakes and Volcanos. It's still a largely undiscovered land, mainly attracting surfers and adventure seekers. Most people still don't know it is a fabulous place for all types of travelers, from a romantic luxury vacation to family travel, it has everything needed for a magical trip to the tropics. We offer 3 different ...
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Rediscovering frogs through conservation in Costa Rica

Frogs are amazing creatures, yet because they are so small they are highly susceptible to environmental changes. Many of them have gone extinct due to climate changes, new predators, fatal fungus infections, etc. Here in Costa Rica, naturalist guides, local travelers and researches are optimistic because conservation efforts are...
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10 things you probably didn't know about Olive Ridley Turtles

Turtles are one the oldest and most primitive groups of reptiles and have outlived many other species. One can only wonder if their unique shell is responsible for their longevity, did you know that their shell is made up of 60 different bones all connected together and developed from their ribs?!! Today I wanted to share a few other facts of a ver...
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Into the Jungle

The Indigenous Bribri people of Costa Rica live deep in the Talamanca rainforest near the coastal Caribbean, where the campesinos (farmers) grow plantains and cacao among other produce. Their ancient culture is steeped in tradition and they speak their own language, Bribri, as well as Spanish. The "Undiscovered Caribbean Costa Rica Adventure" ...
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