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A Seattle Family, Tanzanian Orphans, and a Van A story of how miracles can happen When the Whitaker family approached me about an opportunity to give back during her Serengeti Family Safari I was happy to help. What transpired turned into one of the best fairy tale charity stories I’ve had the privilege of being a part of during my career. A real organic outpouring of community spirit inspired by one family’s generosity and desire to directly improve the lives of others.  When a family or group of travelers is interested in making a charitable donation in Tanzania, we often set up a visit to a rural school district. However, the Whitaker family was traveling over the Christmas holiday time period when many of the schools are closed and the children are at home. Through a local colleague we found Elias Japhet and the Pambazuko Orphanage, which he and his wife have been running in the small agricultural town of...

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Champagne Kisses on Temple Tops During a recent call with a Wildland Alumni traveler we got to chatting about their past trip that I helped them plan to Belize and Guatemala. She recalled that “… and you made our 25th anniversary so special. When our guide surprised us with a bottle of sparkling wine while watching the sunset from temple top at Yaxha, it was truly incredible.” I replied “Of course, I got you covered.” Maybe that’s a bit braggadocios, but that’s just how we roll at Wildland Adventures. It’s the little things in unexpected places that can turn an already special time together into classic moment that you’ll cherish forever. Planning a romantic vacation takes a finer level of understanding about the destination you are visiting. I find that it BEST to personally try my tricks out, because you have to be absolutely sure it’s going to work. My lucky experimentee is my wife...

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I recently got asked what trip am I most excited about sending travelers on in 2014. My personal favorite has to do with dragons and not just because I’m also really excited for the 2nd Hobbit movie to come out! I’m talking about REAL dragons, the ones you can find only in the Komodo Islands of Indonesia. My wife and I had the privilege of joining one of our Indonesian Adventure Voyages on the Ombak Putih which departs from Bali and tip-toes through the eastern archipelago visiting remote fishing communities, deserted islands with off shore coral reefs of incredible biodiversity and of course foot pursuits to find dragons in the Komodo National Park. This photo shoud give you a pretty good idea of the size of the dragons. Not only are the adventurous parts amazing, but it’s everything in-between that makes this trip a winner too! The ship is a...

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    During my trip to Borneo I found myself in the depths of the Danum Valley Conservation Area in Sabah, Malaysia. There you will find a weather tower which overlooks the valleys and hills of this vast wilderness reserve. Where an early riser can go in the morning darkness to listen and watch as this ancient rainforest ecosystem slowly comes to life. First to announce the new day are the gibbons, beginning with a solitary whooping call that picks up intensity and echoes throughout the valley. The call is fervently joined by other family groups and every niche seems to rise from its nightly respite as the sun slowly creeps up and the mists that swirl through the immensely tall Dipterocarp forest lift. Just another day for the denizens of this forest world but an unforgettable and moving experience for anyone lucky enough to bear witness.   keeping it wild,...

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We are excited to announce that National Geographic Traveler has selected the “Wake of Wallace” adventure cruise in their May 2013 "Tours of a Lifetime" issue. This trip has also been recognized by The Active Times for providing one of "The best 30 new adventure travel trips of 2013". Skillfully led by Flora and Fauna International’s Dr. Tony Whitten, this adventurous itinerary goes from Ternate to Sorong through the Eastern Indonesian Archipelago and diverse island chain of Raja Ampat. Activities include seeking Wallace’s Red Bird of paradise and other avian endemics on guided jungle hikes, visits with local communities, and snorkeling the remote coral reefs in this world renowned marine ecosystem. Apart from the scenery and the expert tutelage of Dr. Whitten, what makes this trip so remarkable is the crew that takes care of you. All locals from different areas of the Indonesian Archipelago, they are a friendly bunch...
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