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How to be a Romantic Traveler I am a hopeless romantic. After all, I have the whole, wild beautiful world as my stage to share my love with Anne. Together through our own 30-year traveling romance we've danced around the world sharing our adventures as newlyweds on honeymoon in Costa Rica, leading family adventures raising our son, and now as empty-nesters and grandparents. I have some sage advice on love and adventure, whether you're looking to propose, keeping your love alive as parents traveling together with the kids, or if you are empty nesters looking for renewed romance. Here are my top 9 romantic travel tips (with a special bonus at the end) for romancing on your next adventure. 1. Be out in nature together. On our honeymoon in Costa Rica I took Anne to a special place where I could kiss her under a waterfall cascading out of the rainforest onto a pristine tropical beach....

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Spectacled Bear Spotted in Machu Picchu Sanctuary! We are so excited to hear that an Andean Spectacled Bear was spotted on Thursday, November 25th by a group of Italian tourists on the last day of their Inca Trail Trek. Check out the video they captured: This threatened species is the only native South American bear whose habitat extends from Panama through Argentina. It's largest population resides in the Peruvian Andes. Many of our guests traveling with Wildland Adventures to Peru have helped us make a difference for the Andean bear by supporting local research and conservation efforts.    Fun facts about the Andean Bear: • Andean bears are among the least known and most vulnerable of the eight bear species in the world.  • About the size of an American black bear, the Andean bear spends a lot of time in trees searching for fruit. • Also known as Spectacled bears, these charismatic creatures have unique markings...

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A Complete Turkish Dinner from the Kutays My father came to the US as a student enrolled at Berkeley in 1939 and met my mother when she was working in a soda fountain. They married, moved to Turkey where she learned to speak Turkish and cook Turkish cuisine. They moved back to Los Angeles where I was born and raised on delicious Turksih dishes all my life. Three common delicious dishes that were always on the table in Istanbul when we visited relatives, and frequently served at home in California are below.     When my sister learned to make the walnut chicken dish, she made me--her younger brother--hand squeeze the oil out of the walnuts to drizzle over the dish before serving. These recipies are delicious and easy to make for a complete and authentic Turkish dinner, especially because all three dishes can be served at room temperature.    Walnut Chicken   One whole roasted chicken...

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Elephants of Mfuwe Lodge Now is the season when the mango tree at Mfuwe Lodge is fruiting, and their large, grey, wrinkled guests start arriving. Watch these funny guests checking in for the annual stay and share the fun with your Facebook friends: From one generation to the another, mothers teach their offspring that there is a delicious big mango tree in the courtyard of the lodge, but they have to pass through the lobby to get there!  Watch the little ones negotiating the stairs...the fruit is just too tempting so they figure out how to negotiate the challenging footing.  During our South Luangwa Wild Walking Safari last May we woke up one morning at Mfuwe to a knock on our door and the jeep at our porch. "Mam, there are lions outside your door. If you want to go to breakfast now, please get in the vehicle and we will drive you to...
Travel To The Source To Experience The Full Terroir A relevant food, lifestyle and culture report from the Hartman Group of Seattle, WA, reports on the growing consumer importance of "local" when it comes to the source and quality of food preferences.     Although this research is about the purchase and consumption of food at home, it speaks to us and our style of traveler who also appreciates experiencing farm to table when traveling on a Wildland Adventure. When we travel we go to the source to discover the origins of foods and to learn local recipes from families and celebrity chefs. This fosters a more sustainable kind of tourism in which we engage culinary experts, meet farmers and boutique wine makers, enjoy meals in local homes, and any number of special dining experiences in local eateries even including street foods like "mussels a la Istanbul" when traveling in Turkey.     We always seek out opportunities to...
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