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What if your children planned a trip to Greece? Remember the month your son spent absorbed in the Percy Jackson series? How he got out his pen and acted as though it was Percy’s Riptide Sword? Or when your daughter dressed up as Athena with full body armor and pretended to be leading a battle to face Achilles at Troy? Do you recall when they studied Greek history in school and drew images of what they supposed Mt. Olympus looks like? They would take you there, on a family trip to Greece! To the places they read about, in search of the gods. They would climb Olympia, and explore every corner of Delphi or the Palamidi castle. They would run like Olympic athletes at the Athen’s Panathinaikon Stadium. Laugther would erupt while they dunk each other in the River Neda. Your daughter would ask to go swimming in the sea as often as possible and to spend time with...

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4 Romantic Spots in Turkey 1. The Bosphorus has been the center of Istanbul for ions and a cruise to one of the water-side restaurants there is a romantic pleasure. Take a local ferry to a high-end neighborhood such as Bebek to walk on the boardwalk and dine in a fabulous seafood restaurant such as Bebek Balıkçısı or Eleos in Beyoğlu.     2. Drink wine in an ancient theater. On our Turquoise Coast Odyssey, we like to stop for a glass of wine and perhaps a song or poetry in Simena, dating from the 4th century BC. How romantic to enjoy sunset while looking out to the Mediteranean.      3. The very streets of Kaş are romantic with bourgainevilla flowers blooming on blue-shuttered buidlings, cobblestone streets, and the bright blue sea . Spend the evening with dinner at a local restaurant on the Medan, town square, watching children play and other couples stroll...

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This year Bhutan has been on my mind as one of our newest destinations we are offering at Wildland. Last week I posed the question to my son about where we should travel to in 2014. I gave him several awesome choices, but when I mentioned “archery” he said “Bhutan! Let’s go there”. My son takes archery classes and he likes that archery is the national sport in Bhutan and is deep-rooted in the culture. Going to an archery match in Bhutan is like going to a baseball game here. The archers are amazingly skilled, shooting from 430 feet. When you are done watching a match or trying your hand at the sport, you can venture off to a more peaceful activity such as visiting a beautiful Dzong, a local temple or wandering in a market. Our Central Bhutan Walking Adventure is an active itinerary taking you on hikes to...

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A theme I have been hearing lately from our alumni is how much they learned while traveling in Turkey and how after their adventure they understand so much more about the current social-political situation and cultural norms there. “I hope the country continues to move forward. The young people I met along the way want to see a better life with more freedom and equality. I am concerned the prime minister does not want to take the country in that direction. After my trip, I'm more interested in knowing what is happening in that part of the world.” L. O’Brien, September 2013 We all travel for many reasons and education is one of the most important of them. In Turkey you learn about Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman history while you wander in the ancient sites or the Seljuk buildings still in use in the cities. You increase your botanical knowledge...

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  Let me start by saying India never ceases to amaze me! My recent trip gave me some great insights and ideas for exploring the wonders of the vast subcontinent. I spent my trip rambling through Rajasthan, reconnecting with our guides, meandering through villages, and checking in at our favorite boutique properties. There is always some new and spectacular that reveals itself during my travels and that is what makes India such an incredible destination.   Our Tigers and Travels Adventure is an in-depth exploration of India's rich natural and cultural heritage: standing in awe at the Taj Mahal, watching the sunrise on the Ganges River in Varanasi, ambling among forts and villages of Rajasthan, and venturing deep into the jungles Kanha and Bandavgarh National Parks in search of the Bengal tiger. You just can't find anything like India anywhere else in the world. We want to fill the remaining...
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