To the end of the earth

Antartica - the opposite of the north pole. The opposite of what most people would think of when planning a vacation. It is the coldest, dryest, windiest continent on earth, so why would one woman choose to vacation there? Keiko started her adventure to Antartica by flying to Buenos Aires and boarding a boat in Ushuaia but her journey really b...
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Antarctica - The Trip of a Lifetime

Wildland traveler Keiko Pitter recently returned from the White Continent, which she explored as a single traveler on our Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica Peninsula trip aboard the 92-passenger expedition ship Sergey Vavilov .  Keiko has traveled extensively around the world but called this Antarctica cruise the 'trip of a lifetime' and returned to us with a wonderful report of the experience, plus tips for travelers considering this trip in the future.  So if Antarctica is on your radar, either for the near future or a distant dream, keep reading for first-hand advice! Why did you choose this trip over other trips to Antarctica? I've wanted to travel to Antarctica for quite some time, but just did not have the time. I had always heard that going to Antarctica without going to South Georgia and Falklands was a mistake, so now that I'm retired this was the perfect trip! I...
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