Having a wonderful time and tomorrow is Machu Picchu!

Message we received today from a Wildland traveler:

We are having a wonderful time. Your guides have been fantastic! Delia (SP) is working on her MS in archeology - a rare find in a guide. She was so informed and is a true expert. The choice of sights that we visited were perfect. The largo private collection was unbelievable. And the cathedrals and monastery visits were very different - we enjoyed the entire morning. The afternoon was spent going to hike and to dinner and supper. Today's flight to Cuzco was easy and most of us are handling the altitude fairly easily. Harry - our guide now - is great. He took us for a warm up hike today on our way from Cuzco after lunch. I think he was testing out the old folks to see how much he could push us. We kept pushing him to go a little further. Tomorrow is Machu Picchu. We are all excited and ready to take the trek up the hill.
Art M. aka The Math Guy
Art is a Wildland traveler currently on our Galapagos & Machu Picchu Adventure
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