Insights from Udaipur

On my trip to India last month I was most excited about returning to Udaipur, the lovely lakeside town in southern Rajasthan. I have fond memories of chatting with locals while browsing the shops in the small streets and enjoying dinner from a rooftop restaurant looking out to the lake and the hills. The visit this time did not disappoint. As often happens in India with its abundance of holidays, we ran into a religious festival.
We followed a parade of devotees down to the lakeside and watched as they washed their pink-dusted Ganesh statues in the water. The parade was accompanied by drumming and singing and we found ourselves swept up in a dance with school girls and their mothers who were pleased to have a few foreign women to join in the festivities.

With two amazing luxury hotels, Udaipur is an excellent destination to stop and spend an extra day so you can spoil yourself. I stayed at both the historic Taj Lake Palace set in the middle of the lake and The Leela Palace, nearby with a lovely view of the lake. Service and the rooms at both hotels are amazing as are the spas. In the Leela a small old Shiva temple is preserved next to the spa – a sweet reminder of where you are. Udaipur is also famous in India as a romantic, wedding or honeymoon destination. Ask me if you would like to celebrate a special occasion there!
We feature Udaipur in our northern India trips often placing it at the end of a Rajasthan journey or in the middle of a longer trip. On our Tigers and Travels Adventure Udaipur acts as the bridge-point between the first week with its emphasis on the history and culture of Rajasthan and the wildlife-filled second week.
Your friendly India expert,
Laura Finkelstein
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