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Cultural encounters were the surprise of our Tanzania Safari When the Kaplan family traveled to Tanzania on our Serengeti Family Safari in June they knew that they were in for some great wildlife. What was unexpected was the people that they met and the cultures that they experienced along the way. "The entire trip was fabulous. The highlight was actually the cultural encounters that we had. I expected the animal part of the safari but our visit with the Bushman was beyond anything I could imagine and my kids loved playing soccer, volleyball, and frisbee with the locals. Our guide Dominic was unbelievable. He was incredibly knowledgeable but was also a truly amazing person. He kept everyone engaged and let things be spontaneous, making time to add to our itinerary where beneficial. We LOVED him! My favorite experience was hunting with the Bushman and learning about their culture. We also had a great interaction with some women in the...

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Discover Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands October 24th @ 10:00 AM - The Savvy Traveler (Edmonds, WA) will be hosting a travel seminar on Discovering Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands presented by Wildland Adventures Galapagos guru Sherry Howland. More about the event:  Discover everything you need to know about voyaging through the enchanted archipelago of the Galapagos Islands and the Andes and Amazon of mainland Ecuador. Imagine swimming with playful sea lions, kayaking among frisky penguins, stepping around comical blue-footed boobies, and photographing pink flamingos, giant tortoises and prehistoric-looking marine iguanas. Nowhere else on Earth can you commune so closely with such exotic and bizarre wildlife as in the Galapagos Islands. On a 5-8 day voyage under the shadow of towering volcanoes, expert naturalist guides reveal Darwin's field observations leading to his theory of evolution by showing you how animals in this isolated archipelago have evolved and adapted to each unique island habitat. Wildland Adventures' Galapagos...
October 31 Travel Seminar: Between Continents: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama October 31th @ 10:00 AM - The Savvy Traveler (Edmonds, WA) will be hosting a travel seminar on Between Continents: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama presented by Wildland Adventures President Kurt Kutay. More about the event:  Home to an astonishing abundance of tropical flora and fauna, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua are a mecca for nature and adventure travelers. Join Wildland Adventures President Kurt Kutay, who worked for the Costa Rican National Park Service, on a guided exploration of spectacular images through the Central American isthmus filled with white-water rivers and waterfalls, tropical rainforests, active volcanoes, mountain cloud forests, coral reefs and indigenous cultures. Home to rare and exotic wildlife, travelers can see monkeys, sloth, sea turtles, caiman, poison arrow frogs, macaws and toucans, colorful butterflies, and amazing nocturnal creatures. Kurt will share his knowledge of the best ecolodges, the most beautiful beaches and show you how to get around, and...
October 31 Travel Seminar: Ruins, Reefs and Rainforests: Belize and Guatemala October 31th @ 1 PM - The Savvy Traveler (Edmonds, WA) will be hosting a travel seminar on Ruins, Reefs and Rainforests: Belize and Guatemala presented by Wildland Adventures President Kurt Kutay. More about the event:  The "Mundo Maya" of Belize and Guatemala is a land of discovery and adventure in an exciting milieu of natural and cultural environments. Wildland Adventures' President, Kurt Kutay, will take you on a journey through the Maya heartland among highland native villages to spectacular archeological sites like Tikal and other ancient ruins still buried in the jungle. Apart from the archeological wonders and the variety and vitality of the contemporary indigenous communities, the physical beauty of the landscape is stunning. Travel through a verdant landscape of rainforests, cloud forests, white-water rivers, volcanoes, lakes, caves with underground rivers, and the barrier reef of Belize. Exotic wildlife abounds including crocodiles, monkeys, iguanas, tapirs, butterflies, toucans, macaws,...

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Angkor Wat Voted #1 on Ultimate Travel List The long established travel guide Lonely Planet recently published the "Ultimate Travel Guide," their list of the 500 best places on the planet. While it certainly seems like an impossible question, LP is probably among the best to take on the challenge!  The book is a compilation of the 500 most unmissable sights and attractions in the world, ranked by Lonely Planet's global community of travel experts. Big name mega-sights such as the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal battle it out with lesser-known hidden gems for a prized place in the top 10, making this a comprehensive bucket list! As the program director of Asia I could not have agreed more or been happier with what they picked for the #1 spot: Angkor Wat.  I've had the good fortune to visit Angkor Wat more than once and it never fails to amaze. If anything, this mega complex seems to...
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