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How I Fell in Love with Jungle Safaris in India I had never been on a safari until 2 weeks ago. It’s not that I don’t love the outdoors, I spend as much time as I can outside and all my vacations revolve around sleeping under the stars. I love walking the trails, climbing to the highest peak in a range, or kayaking down a river. So, I never understood safaris and this idea of going to a national park and driving around in a jeep all day. It seemed counter intuitive to everything I love about wild, natural spaces. Then, I spent 2 weeks on jungle safari in India and my whole philosophy changed. I not only understand the drive (pun intended) to go on safari but think it’s a must-do on everyone’s list for the following reasons: Naturalists: Watching the naturalists work was perhaps my favorite part of the safaris. They drive a car on bumpy, winding dirt...
Best Bang for Your Buck on the Blue Dollar Rate in Argentina I often get questions from our travelers about the Blue Market Dollar Rate in Argentina and thought it would be a good idea to write about it for those trying to get the best bang for their buck so to speak while traveling in Argentina. In Argentina there 3 official exchange rates: 1) The real estate rate (not important for travelers) 2) The Official bank exchange rate (around 1 USD to approx 9 Argentine Pesos) 3) The Blue Market rate (around 1 USD approx 14 ARS) Travelers will of course only get the official rate at ATMs in Argentina and if they exchange money in the banks. The best way to take advantage of the Blue Market Rate is by bringing US cash ($20, $50 and/or $100 notes) and exchanging money at your hotels. Almost all hotels will gladly exchange your US cash at a much higher rate than what...
The Ultimate Women's Packing Guide for Southeast Asia Adventures Southeast Asia is filled with breathtaking views, ancient temples and some of the friendliest people in the world. There are many great Southeast Asia adventures to be had in this culturally diverse area, so to maximize your enjoyment of these activities I’ve prepared a comprehensive packing list to help you prepare for this amazing experience. Travel skirts are a great way to stay comfortable and keep cool in the heat of the day; however, you need to be cautious with the length as many temples and other sites will not permit you to enter if your skirt is too short. Exofficio’s Go-To Stripe Skirt is quick drying, moisture wicking and even includes a hidden zippered pocket for your cash. This skirt is also modest in length, allowing you to wear it anywhere. I pair my skirt with the Techspressa Support Tank, which is also quick drying and has a built-in...

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Chasing the Craft Beer Craze in Argentina This afternoon, after speaking with two wild travelers, wanting to make sure they find some tasty brews while traveling in Argentina, I felt compelled to share my thoughts on the craft brew scene in Argentina.   The craft beer scene has been taking over the US by force over the past decade.  Why leave your craft beer obsession at home while traveling? The South America Craft Brew scene has also exploded in recent years and is definitely worth checking out. On your next trip to Argentina, if you need a short break from all the Malbec, check out some of these four awesome beer destinations with links to to check out how these brews stack up! 1) Bariloche: located in northern Argentine Patagonia, Bariloche was founded by swiss and german immigrants.  They have a long tradition of craft beer brewing.  There are numerous outdoor activities to do in Bariloche, or...

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$600 off your Galapagos Holiday Adventure You've worked hard to save time and money for your next adventure vacation, that's why we are rewarding you with $600 off per person on one of our most luxurious Galápagos adventures aboard the Eclipse. Why such a great deal? We want you to see the Galápagos in the best way possible and we've only got two cabins left on the Eclipse to make that dream trip happen. This is the only space we have remaining on any of our 2015 holiday Galápagos voyages. Yes, this is your final boarding call for a holiday adventure your family will never forget! Our Galapagos Christmas Adventure on board the Eclipse sets sail Dec 17-26, 2015. This 10-day adventure, led by four expert naturalist guides, explores 6 enchanted islands while sailing onboard the exquisite 48-passenger Eclipse. This spacious and elegant yacht is your luxurious base for adventure as you kayak through sea caves, snorkel...
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