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Passion + Purpose = Adventure Philanthropy Adventure philanthropy is all about combining your passion with a purpose. My passion happens to be travel, so with each trip I try and incorporate a philanthropic activity—volunteering with a local charitable organization, making a donation, or just becoming more knowledgeable and engaged in a social issue that is affecting the community I’m visiting. My Personal Journey I became an adventure philanthropist several years ago, while visiting a school in Tanzania’s Usambara Mountains. This one day field trip turned out to be the highlight of my entire two months in Africa – eclipsing climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, learning to scuba dive in Zanzibar, and a mountain biking safari. The school trip made such an impression because it gave my fellow travelers and me an opportunity to learn first-hand how much we take for granted in more economically advanced countries. Meeting the school children and seeing their joy of learning despite the...

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Kutay family adventures in the early years Many family trips in the early years ended our day of adventure around pools like this one in Mexico circa 1991 when our son Tarek was 2 years old. I have to wonder how many simple moments like this, hangin' in the pool eye to eye with a Mexican commrade, and two older girls lookin' on, not only developed into his charming character, but later earned him an award as the student who best represented the inner-cultural mission of Franklin College..."who exemplifies a sensitivity and mindfulness to other cultures." We have gained so much from our Wildland Family Adventures together. Now it's payback time for our Mother Earth; I know Tarek Kutay has much to give. I honor you son on this Throwback Thursday!  Keeping it wild, Kurt Kutay More about Wildland family adventures   ...

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Takeaways From The Galapagos Guest review from Val B, a grandma traveling with her daughter and two grandkids to the Galapagos. First off, Wildland Adventures provided excellent materials and prep work for our Galapagos Family Adventure. All crew on the ship (Flamingo I) were excellent. They worked for us, but seemingly enjoyed each other, too. Which makes for a great team spirit and enthusiasm that could be "felt" by all. Our Naturalist guides, Gabby and Karina were exceptionally knowledgeable, and nice. There wasn't one question they couldn't answer fully. At the end, it was like we were "family" --- I've been on a lot of tours (Africa, China, Peru, Antarctica) and NEVER had such a great experience with trip leaders. Our local (Quito) guide, Marya, was super nice, friendly, and took us to really fun places. And, I LOVED that Karina made a cd of her photos and video for each of us. Plus...

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Rare Photos of Baby Harpy Eagle Harpy Eagles are one of the most powerful birds of prey in the world. Their talons are the size of Grizzly Bear claws and their gigantic beaks make quick work of the monkeys and sloths they hunt for food.  These massive birds of prey have a wingspan of six to seven feet and, when sitting, have the height of a five-year-old child. They are also one of the least observed raptor species in the world. Combined with diminished number due to habitant loss and human trophy hunters, Harpy Eagles don't soar to hunt, but lurk in the trees like a gigantic winged monstrosity, waiting to ambush prey in surprise. (It goes without saying that monkey and sloth nightmares are dominated by Harpy Eagles.) They also require a huge territory for hunting, with a single pair occupying between 3,000 and 7,000 hectares of forest. So for birders and wildlife enthusiasts alike, a...
Save $1000 per person on the Grace Yacht in the Galapagos As we all know, the Galapagos Islands is one of the world's most sought-after destinations, and this year readers of USA Today voted it the ultimate bucket list trip. Why? Simply put: It’s the one of the best destinations in the world--and one of the most pristine--for people of any generation to closely and safely interact with animals in the wild. Where else can you go snorkeling with penguins, sea lions and sea turtles all in the same outing and come face to face with a 100 year old giant tortoise in the wild?  We want to remind you of a little-known secret.  There are ways to actually save money and have the Galapagos more to yourselves at the same time.  Seriously! It’s all about timing and opportunity.  Between late Fall and into the beginning if Winter there is lots of wildlife activity, fewer travelers, and more personal time with the...
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