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Rare Photos of Baby Harpy Eagle Harpy Eagles are one of the most powerful birds of prey in the world. Their talons are the size of Grizzly Bear claws and their gigantic beaks make quick work of the monkeys and sloths they hunt for food.  These massive birds of prey have a wingspan of six to seven feet and, when sitting, have the height of a five-year-old child. They are also one of the least observed raptor species in the world. Combined with diminished number due to habitant loss and human trophy hunters, Harpy Eagles don't soar to hunt, but lurk in the trees like a gigantic winged monstrosity, waiting to ambush prey in surprise. (It goes without saying that monkey and sloth nightmares are dominated by Harpy Eagles.) They also require a huge territory for hunting, with a single pair occupying between 3,000 and 7,000 hectares of forest. So for birders and wildlife enthusiasts alike, a...
Save $1000 per person on the Grace Yacht in the Galapagos As we all know, the Galapagos Islands is one of the world's most sought-after destinations, and this year readers of USA Today voted it the ultimate bucket list trip. Why? Simply put: It’s the one of the best destinations in the world--and one of the most pristine--for people of any generation to closely and safely interact with animals in the wild. Where else can you go snorkeling with penguins, sea lions and sea turtles all in the same outing and come face to face with a 100 year old giant tortoise in the wild?  We want to remind you of a little-known secret.  There are ways to actually save money and have the Galapagos more to yourselves at the same time.  Seriously! It’s all about timing and opportunity.  Between late Fall and into the beginning if Winter there is lots of wildlife activity, fewer travelers, and more personal time with the...
Morocco: One of the best family trips we have ever taken. Bill and Marcia Hochkammer took their extended family of 11 including their adult children and grandchildren on our Morocco Adventure during the school holiday in December.  "All eleven of us agreed that this was one of the best family trips we have ever taken.  We were able to take a break with other kinds of cuisine – we had an Italian lunch and a French dinner which were both good." "Our experiences in Fez were among the highlights of the trip.  The tour of the city was excellent; we enjoyed the markets and the shopping.  The riad in the medina was an excellent place to say; delicious food and a very friendly owner." "The trip into the Sahara desert and the camp were a highlight.  We enjoyed the camel rides; the tents we slept in and the food was excellent (we had the best breakfast of our trip at the...
A father and daughter adventure in Morocco: Insight into the Moroccan way of life. Tony Muir called in January to arrange a Springtime adventure in Morocco for him and his adult daughter. She had limited vacation time so they picked our Exotic Morocco trip. Tony decided to stay on a few more days at a Berber guest house in the Atlas Mountains outside Marrakech for some more hiking among villages under the snow-capped mountain peaks. In her trip evaluation Sara recounted, "My dad chose the trip, but we both wanted lots of culture and local flavor, in addition to the adventures that hiking and cameling in the desert supplied. We also wanted to see a lot of Morocco in just a short time, so the trip by car was a necessity." "I really loved my time in the desert, riding camels both at sunset and sunrise. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The desert camp accommodations were outstanding. The weather was perfect, the camel was...

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I fell in love with Africa Guest review by Susan Marks from her Wildland Adventures custom safari in Kenya I fell in love with Africa in 2010 when I visited 4 different camps in Botswana. This time, I wanted to see a migration crossing so I chose a custom Kenya safari with Wildland Adventures. As I am also an avid equestrian, I wanted to visit a place where I could ride. My first outing was a sight-seeing day in Nairobi. My expert guide took me to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which is a home for orphaned elephants. Visitors can see them between 11:00AM-12:00N every day while they play and enjoy huge bottles of baby formula. It is an amazing place where elephants are taken care of until they are old enough to be introduced back into the wild. Giraffe Manor was next where visitors can hand feed them. I then visited the Kazuri Bead and...
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