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Navigating the Skies of SE Asia It seems rare to hear someone say they’re traveling solely to Vietnam...or only to Cambodia. More often than not, people are traveling to the ethereal region of Southeast Asia, combining several countries into one trip. In the past few years, the region has worked hard to increase the number and quality of flights, to expedite border crossings, and to reduce the hassle of getting multiple visas. Until recently, 2 weeks might have only been enough time to see Vietnam due to the hassle of traveling overland or the limitation of just one flight per week to Cambodia. Now, with improved overland routes and abundant air connections, we can offer 12 day itineraries that span Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia without breaking the bank. If you want your next trip to SE Asia to cover a lot of ground, be sure to take advantage of the frequent flights between major cities. The...
This was an amazing 22-day adventure in Chile and Argentina! Alumni travelers, Muki and Charlie, just returned from a 22-day custom adventure to Chile and Argentina.  After adventuring high into the Atacama Desert to find a rare yareto plant, trekking through Torres del Paine, following Magellan and Darwin’s legacies around Cape Horn, making new personal connections in El Calafate and ending in Buenos Aires, they had quite the story! “We chose this itinerary after we looked at multiple Patagonia itineraries from different companies. This trip seemed to have the right combination of travel in the right areas. We liked the 4 day ship being part of the itinerary and Charlie liked the add-on of the Atacama Desert. We liked the itinerary starting in Chile and ending in Argentina. The level of activity also seemed doable for us. And last, we had been very pleased with our trip to Costa Rica with Wildland. PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Charlie: Absolutely overwhelmed by the expansive...
Mountains, Roses and Champagne: 30th Anniversary in Chile Alumni travelers, Jim and Laurie celebrated their 30th anniversary by doing a custom 8-day trip to Chile. Beginning in Santiago, they then flew down to Torres del Paine and stayed at the romatnic Patagonia Camp while hiking amongst the iconic peaks of this national park and ended at the luxurious Singular Hotel outside of Puerto Natales.   “The Singular Hotel is a fantastic place- we have never stayed in a museum before and it is certainly a combination of a historic building with wonderfully preserved machinery and a very nice modern contemporary hotel. Our stay at Patagonia Camp was wonderful- although one night the winds were so strong we thought we might awake in Kansas. People at Patagonia Camp for the 5 days before our arrival never saw the mountains and we were afraid of the same fate since the forecast was very bad. The first day (Tuesday) was 100 kph...
Is the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National park for kids? ABSOLUTELY! Some of our wilder Wildland family travelers want their children to experience the most secluded, pristine and off-the-beaten-path areas of Costa Rica!  This was the case with Katherine and Jeremy, two nature lovers who wanted to show their children (Oscar and Lucia) the magic of the lush tropical forest. They decided their first trip would be to Costa Rica to visit the Osa Peninsula and Manuel Antonio.  Here is what they shared about their: "Hi Grettel, Thanks for helping us plan such a wonderful trip! It truly exceeded all our expectations. In particular, I am so thankful that you encouraged us to visit the Osa and La Paloma Lodge at Drake Bay which was the highlight of our trip. What a magical place! We are longing to go back some day soon. La Paloma Lodge was the perfect fit for our group- Jess and all the staff were absolutely wonderful...
Just when we thought it could not get any better, we met up with Marco… In this post, Karen and Thomas share their Lapa Rios Tropical Adventure experience, probably the most last-minute trip I’ve put together in my 20 years as a travel planner! They contacted me on a Monday and traveled on Wednesday... of the same week!. This trip great has seen many satisfied travelers and, over the years, been continually updated to be one of our most popular trips (especially for couples and families with children over 6 years old).  Let me share what they had to say in their review of the trip... "Hi Grettel: I can hardly put into words what a fabulous trip we had—starting from the moment I spoke with you on the phone everything went like clockwork. I do not have time to completely reply at this point, but I’ll hit the highlights: Lapa Rios was absolutely amazing. The staff was professional and friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Although some...
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