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Meet Your Guides: Anand Sinha Namascar! More often than not the highlight of adventure trips to India is the guides. How well a guide gets along with you, a Wildland traveler, can make or break a trip. Wildland puts a lot of effort into finding the best guides for every area that we travel to. Wildland focuses on using local guides in each area, ensuring that these guides possess a seemingly unlimited wealth of knowledge about their area of expertise. The last time I traveled to India I compiled a list of questions so we could all get to know our Wildland guides a little better. I met Anand Sinha at Jamtara, a lodge in the tiger park of Pench, and it was obvious immediately that he knew his stuff. He taught me the word "crepuscular" - active at dawn and dusk- and English isn't even his first language! Anand's big smile and seemingly infinite knowledge...
Eight Diamond in the Rough Destinations for 2016 In celebration of Wildland Adventures 30th (diamond!) anniversary we’ve selected 8 of our hidden, and occasionally overlooked, gems. Some of these are trips that go further, to more remote areas or require a bit more of an adventurous spirit to get to. Others are ones that experienced travelers seek out and relish for their unique opportunity to see a long-established destination in a very different light. Still others are oft-overlooked destinations that really shouldn’t be. Below, we highlight misconceptions that might put some travelers off and what really makes the trip or destination really sparkle and shine. 8) Ethiopia: Land of Legends Ethiopia is steeped in history and a crossroads of Africa and the Middle-East. This is an adventure traveler’s dream trip. The island monasteries of Bahir Dar, stone churches of Lallibella, the African Castles of Gondar, the Simien Mountains, Axum (the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant...

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Is Travel to Peru Safe? Peru, a country of magnificent people, culture, customs, geography and adventure is our number one pick for family's introductory experience to South America (Read more in our blog Peru vs Patagonia: Choosing the Right Multigenerational Trip). While our guests prepare for their upcoming and/or future trips to Peru there are several main travel questions that we are often asked about. Below is a list of the most common questions we receive, addressed for travelers to feel informed, confident and, most of all, safe while traveling to this enchanting country. 1) ALTITUDE SICKNESS: Am I going to get altitude sickness while in Peru? How do I avoid altitude sickness? If I know I’m prone to altitude sickness, and still want to visit Peru, what can I do? The pleasures of trekking in the Andean highlands surrounded by the sheer geographic splendor and unique cultures that call the high Andes home, is...

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January 30: On Safari in Zimbabwe January 30th @ 10:00 AM - The Savvy Traveler (Edmonds, WA) will be hosting a travel seminar on safaris in Zimbabwe presented by Wildland Adventures President Kurt Kutay and special guest professional Zimbabwe guide Mark Butcher. More about the event:  Don't miss this exciting and enlightening presentation by 4th generation Zimbabwean, Mark "Butch" Butcher, a modern day hero of African conservation. Winner of the 2014 Guardian and Observer ethical travel award, Mark is an ecotourism pioneer, pro safari guide, and leading conservationist in his native country where he receives Wildland travelers at his lodges in Victoria Falls, on the Zambezi River, and in Hwange National Park. Wildland Directors, Kurt and Anne Kutay, and other local travelers recently returned from Zimbabwe will introduce Mark, who they declared is a modern day hero. Mark will share his life's stories working as a game ranger fighting rhino poachers in the late 80's, to...

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Wildland Alumni in Botswana and Zimbabwe Patti and John Gerber are no strangers to travel with Wildland Adventures having travelled with us in Peru and Patagonia. However, they wanted to travel a bit further afield this time around and chose our Okavango and Zimbabwe safari. Patti and John also added our 4-day Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Extension. Below are highlights from their trip review: "All of the places that we stayed were excellent, although Pelo was my favorite." What places or experiences did you enjoy most and why? "Loved the entire trip. Each country had different things to offer. We had excellent guides on all legs of the trip. Probably my favorite was Rwanda. Not only did you have the amazing hike to the gorillas, the gorillas themselves, but also the people of Rwanda the stunning countryside." Our frequent travellers know that here at Wildland Adventures, we love working to create your trip of a lifetime...or two...or three...or more! "This was...
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