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Safari in Kenya - End of the World

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We asked Rachael Garrett, director of operations for Wildland Adventure where she would go if it was the end of the world.

Kenya Family Safari

For some reason my 5 year old daughter is suddenly fascinated with safaris in Africa. She frequently asks me what people in Africa are doing right now, what their houses look like, what people in Africa eat. With Africa being such a huge and varied continent it’s an extremely complicated question to answer!

If I could take her to one place in the world before it ended it would be to visit Maasai Simba Camp in Chyulu Hills, near Amboseli National park in Kenya. This is a camp founded by the Maasai and run by the Maasai and the experience is much more focused on culture than wildlife. Here all of Cassie’s questions would be answered – she could see the Maasai homes, eat their food, have a chance to herd goats, learn songs and listen to stories. I can picture her face at the end of a day there – one of pure delight and joy. 

Your friendly traveling mom,
Rachael Garrett
Where would you go if it was the end of the world? Leave a comment and tell us!
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    Nicole Russo Tuesday, 04 December 2012

    I chose Antarctica in the survey, because I would ...

    I chose Antarctica in the survey, because I would then die having seen all seven continents. In truth, if it were truly the end of the world, there is nowhere I would rather be than home with my family. Let's hope I never have to choose! :)

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