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Sailing the Nubian Sands

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Sudan Travel Expedition March 2012

Guest Review: Alice Byers custom trip to Sudan

My friend Taddy and I were seeking another trip. We had loved travelling together last year in Ethiopia, just the two of us with a guide and some drivers on an itinerary arranged by my stalwart tour operator Wildland Adventures.

It’s not easy for Taddy and I to find a trip that accommodates both of us! She has travelled in twice as many countries as I have, and we don’t entirely share areas of future interest. But last fall Taddy had identified a possible archaeological trip to Sudan that was to be led by two experts. It was to be very expensive and to accommodate a group as large as 17. We did not like that idea very much, but we liked the idea of traveling up and down the Nile River viewing ancient artifacts and getting to know the people, so we asked Wildland Adventures if they could do it better, cheaper, and for just the two of us.

Wildland Adventures does not have an itinerary into Sudan, but they do have Jeff, who had done a stint working with a team of archaeologists there. And so they put together a trip for us that would take us up one side of the Nile River and down the other, all to the north of Khartoum (where the Blue and White Niles converge) and through the Nubian region, one of great cultural and historical interest. Oh, my dear friends, now this was a Wildland adventure!
For more information on custom trips, please visit our Custom and Private Travel page.
Keeping it Wild,
Wildland Adventures


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