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Sleeping Under The Mediterranean Night Sky

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When was the last time you slept on deck of a Phoenician style wooden schooner under the stars anchored in a quiet cove on the Mediterranean? The best seasons to travel in Turkey are spring and fall. The late summer air is warm and sky clear so most of us take our warm leopard blankets (no, Anne didn't bring them, they just happened to be part of the bedding provided on board) up top to sleep on the thick sun mattresses covering much of the deck.  Gulets are built in Turkey with a wide beam designed for space and comfort. Our vessel, the Cafeoglu is 130' with a capacity for 20 passengers for our group of 17, which is bigger than the Cevri II and Cevri Kaptan (12 passengers) that we normally use and I spotted anchored together near us one day so I snapped this picture of them side by side. (pictured at bottom)

 My favorite spot on board is to stand out on the bow sprint cruising through the warm air, white waves splashing off the sleek mahogany hull as it cuts its way through glassy blue waters. One morning I was there by myself when I noticed dolphin ahead. I signaled to the captain and he alerted everyone and by the time they made it to the bow the porpoise were surfing our wake just a few feet below us.
My favorite anchorage was our first morning we awoke on board at Simena Cove. Several of us arose at dawn to watch the sunrise over the placid channel between two spits of land covered in ancient ruins silhouetted in orange and red in the glassy water.

Since I slept in my bathing suit and t-shirt, I woke up and dove off the bow feeling no difference in temperature between the warm dawn air and languid sea. I submerged and then burst up into the air alive and energized between water and air. Who else in ancient times dove in these waters in this warm season of September to feel what I felt, and from what vessels, in what lifetime and millennia? Several of us were having a great time diving or jumping from several vantage points on board, but the captain quickly put the cabash on diving from the top of the upper deck!

 All gulets we use have double cabins configured with double or twin beds each with a private bath and shower with hot water, and air-conditioning as needed during the day and at bedtime. The AC can't run after 10 PM at night so if it's warm you cool the cabin before bedtime and then open your portholes for air, or move up on deck under the starts if it happens to be very warm. On our voyage, several members of our group were perfectly comfortable in their cabins all night while others preferred the starry night sky.  All the boats are equipped with a kayak, mask/snorkel/fins, sun awnings with deck mattress for napping or sunning, indoor and outdoor dining areas, and convenient ladders for easy access in and out of the water including a fresh water hose to rise off the salty seawater.

keeping it wild,

Kurt Kutay



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    Damian Bathory Sunday, 02 December 2012

    I wouldn't mind sleeping in

    I wouldn't mind sleeping in cotton nightdresses if it's under such a night sky. If I'm sleeping, I might as well do it in style.

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