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I Found Colors in India That I'd Never Seen Before in the Rainbow of Places I've Been To! "Better than one in six people on our planet live in India, and four in a hundred live in the U.S. Yet India's conditions are considered extreme, in spite of the fact that as a proportion of the total population they are quite common. I simply wanted to experience the other end of the spectrum of humanity, and though I'm a fairly experienced traveler, I found colors in India that I'd never seen before in the rainbow of places I've been to." Mike and Nani Manning spent 3 weeks exploring India on a custom itinerary that took them from the sands of Rajasthan to the banks of the river Ganges to the foothills of the Himalayas. Their trip was initially inspired by the food trail taken by celeb food critic Anthony Bourdain but quickly morphed into a trip encompassing desert palaces, city walks, and mountain train rides.Rest assured, food was...

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All Around India - Guest Review All Around India was the name of the custom trip to India we gave to an intrepid group of 5 Wildland travelers who wandered all over India for 22 days. They started in the North and visited Delhi and the Taj Mahal before setting off in search of tigers in Ranthambhore National Park. From there they jetted south to the east coast of India where they toured cardamom and tea plantations, trekked to waterfalls, and saw elaborate Hindu temples. They ended their trip with a journey to the UNESCO caves of Ellora and Ajanta before spending some time in the heart of Bollywood, Mumbai. Check out what they have to say about their experience!  What places or experiences did you enjoy most and why? The Taj Mahal really was as spectacular as its reputation has it, and is a must-see sight. We also enjoyed Munnar as a welcome respite after...

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Meet Your Guides: Anand Sinha Namascar! More often than not the highlight of adventure trips to India is the guides. How well a guide gets along with you, a Wildland traveler, can make or break a trip. Wildland puts a lot of effort into finding the best guides for every area that we travel to. Wildland focuses on using local guides in each area, ensuring that these guides possess a seemingly unlimited wealth of knowledge about their area of expertise. The last time I traveled to India I compiled a list of questions so we could all get to know our Wildland guides a little better. I met Anand Sinha at Jamtara, a lodge in the tiger park of Pench, and it was obvious immediately that he knew his stuff. He taught me the word "crepuscular" - active at dawn and dusk- and English isn't even his first language! Anand's big smile and seemingly infinite knowledge...

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What to Pack for Your Trip to India I would venture a guess that the first question 98% of our travelers ask me after booking a trip to India is, "now, what do I pack?!" It's a valid question! Not only is India's climate different from what many of us are used to but the cultural expectations are as well. Get ready to pack a little different than you ever have before and you'll be well prepared to experience a country different than anywhere you've ever been before! After spending 7 weeks in India, I've put together this packing list to help give you an idea of what to bring for your adventure in India.  1. Shoes: I brought 3 pairs of shoes that I thought covered the spectrum fairly well. Sneakers for when I was hiking or exercising, sandals for most days (I really liked how sturdy the Birkenstocks were), and a pair of waterproof and durable...

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How to Choose the Right Tiger Park in India India is home to 70% of the world’s remaining tigers. These majestic cats have been making a fantastic comeback due to conservation efforts after being on the verge of endangered just 20 years ago. Seeing one of these big cats is a once in a lifetime experience and there is no better place than on a trip to India to check that item off the bucket list. While it is easy to get lost in the eye of the tiger there are many other factors to take into account when choosing a park including but not limited to quality of lodges, naturalists as well as other flora and fauna. This blog is going to focus specifically on the national parks of Madhya Pradesh, considered the epicenter for tiger sightings in India. MP is also great because they offer full day permits if you’re really interested in seeing tigers. You get...
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