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It is a banner year for wildlife sightings in India Even before our travelers return home, we hear about their wildlife sightings. 2 couples spent a week in Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Satpura parks and according to their Indian escort, they saw “18 different tigers, 4 Leopard, 8 Wild dogs, 8 Sloth bear, 1 Rusty Spotted Cat and lot of different species of birds. I must say it was great sighting.”  They were on a custom wildlife trip to India that I designed for them based on our Tigers and Travels in India. Rusty Spotted Cat? Huh? I had to look that one up. Turns out it is the smallest member of the cat family and found only in India and Sri Lanka. 2 weeks ago, one couple spent 3 days at a new lodge in Pench National Park, Jamtara, and they also spotted “Tiger in her very first drive apart from Wild dog, Jackal and many other species of birds”. A...

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How do you find a tiger in wild, and what's it like when you encounter one? On just one trip of our Tigers and Travels in India several tiger sightings were caught on film by a professional Indian filmmaker who was traveling with us and captured on this video including a tiger walking straight towards our vehicle! Grace Liu's picture of the tiger walking straight towards our jeep. "My heart was pounding, like it was out of my chest!", exclaimed Patty Webb. "It was awesome, amazing, to see her walking towards us, looking right at us, and how graceful she was," says Grace Liu. "You feel that you're the guest, and she's the master," relates Olena Voloshyna. "We didn't expect her to stay on the road, but she did, ever so slowly, and we kept backing up, and backing up," recounted Lorraine Ruffing.   When searching for a tiger in...

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Tension is running high in the jungles of India this week. Challengers to both tigers and tigresses in various tiger reserves have been adding conflict and intrigue to daily squabbles, and injuries are the inevitable result. The Princess of the lakes, Satra, is limping badly in Ranthambore. Blue Eyes is hurt and rumor has it that Vijaya has a swollen leg in Bandhavgarh National Park. All this activity points to the testosterone-fueled blood that flows through wild tigers' veins as individuals mature and the young begin to dominate over the elders. An ambush of tigers. Madhuri and her family in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve / December 2012. (c)  Faroque Khan  from Tiger  Nation ( Tiger safaris are in full swing now during the summer in India. We are looking forward to hearing back from our travelers about their sightings. When I was in Bandhavgarh 4 years ago I saw B2...
Guest Blog by Amit Sankhala   Around the world when we talk about wildlife tourism, the first instinct of any traveler is – ‘Let’s go to Africa. They have the Big 5’. Although, when we compare mammals, India has the big 5 and more – Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhinoceros and the Leopard. In addition to these African Big 5, we have the Royal Bengal Tiger, which alone stands as the most attractive of all. We have all seen the news in the last few weeks, criticizing wildlife tourism in India. Are we that unregulated? And is the argument – ‘this is not Africa’, allow us to ignore the African models? In my book, no. I have been to Africa a few times, they have great models that allow humans and animals to coexist. But unlike Africa, India has rainforest, deserts and savanna land. There isn’t one guideline for national park’s or...

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First off I wanted to share some Tiger facts before we got down to business about the Tiger tourism ban. Tigers can reach up to 11ft and are the heaviest cats in the wild weighing up to 660lbs!!! Three of the nine subspecies of the modern tiger are now extinct and the remaining six are all classified as endangered species. India is home to approximately half of the world’s tiger population, with an estimated 1,700 in the country. The current range of the tiger is only 7% of what it used to be, which brings us into our discussion about the Tiger tourism ban. On July 24, the Supreme Court banned tourists from the core areas of parks where tigers are believed to breed and hunt. They passed an interim order disallowing tourism to Tiger reserves until another direction to further question the manner in which the country protected areas...
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