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Guest Travel Blogs Gone Wild! After returning from traveling 35 days in Africa from Cape Town to Zambia, I just read through all the Wildland blogs posted in the past month by our staff and WOW, what a gold mine of heart-felt appreciation from our guest reviews, and expert information from our destination program directors!   We've been calling on our travelers to share their experiences more and now there  are so many informative, inspiring, insightful blog entries. Especially when read all together as I just did they are a wonderful reflection of what 'The Wild Style' is all about in terms of custom itineraries, flexible schedules, exceptional guides, meaningful personal experiences, special activities, and lots of great food, wine and fun. Charlie and Muki shared why they chose Wildland among the many trips and companies they compared:   “We chose this itinerary after we looked at multiple Patagonia itineraries from different companies. This trip...
I recently set out on a two week reconnaissance mission to Morocco with the objective of searching for new routes and making deeper connections with the locals. I accomplished my goal and we are excited to announce we have redesigned our trips to Morocco, including new expert local guides who are your personal connection to the people and places you visit. Also expect to see plenty more photos and incredible stories from my trip to Morocco.   This was my second trip to Morocco, but the difference this time was the accompaniment of a local guide. With his help I found some extraordinary places which gave deeper insight into the culture, traditions and history of this marvelous country. From incredible adventure activities like sandboarding in the Sahara to authentic cultural experiences such as dinner with local Berbers, it was truly a trip of a lifetime. I sincerely hope everyone gets the chance to...

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  As I kick back in my comfy chair on Itemenaan Estate's patio, looking out to the Himalayas, I am struck by the vastness. Perhaps all the fresh air makes me contemplative while I watch the sky and wait for Nanda Devi and other mountain peaks to make an appearance through the clouds. A recurring theme on my trip to India is size – size of the world and how long it takes to fly here, size of these mountains, depth of the landscape and the crowds of people. I know I should expect this, as according to 2011 census data India is the second most populous country in the world with over 1.21 billion people, or more than 1/6th of the world’s population! No wonder at times India feels like the real world on steroids. Here colors appear brighter, sounds seem louder and smells more intense. There is so...

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Early tomorrow I am traveling to India for a few weeks. I am looking forward to simply being there again – to the essence of India. I am even looking forward to the freneticness that is Delhi and Jaipur with horns and bicycle bells ringing in the wild intersection of cars, walkers, rickshaws and animals. And to other sounds      Chanting when I escape the street into a local temple,      A cricket bat striking a ball,      Chiming bangles on ladies' wrists. I am looking forward to the indescribable mixture of odors and heat which hits you as soon as you step off the plane when you smile to yourself and think ‘Ah, India”. And to the smells of      Rose water and incense over animals and sweat,      Fresh boiling milk simmering in large kettles,      Marigold garlands draping ladies’ hair. More...

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I love exploring our world on my own two feet be it via backpacking, mountaineering, climbing or hiking. On any given weekend (occasionally sliding into Monday), you can find me high on a peak in the North Cascades or 30 miles deep in the Hoh Rainforest. This passion for the outdoors stretches into wild places across the globe and some of my favorite trips to design for our travelers involve trekking to Machu Picchu or hiking in southern Patagonia. Sunrise in Glacier Peak Wilderness. Photo courtesy of Nick Drake. Physical challenges in the outdoors are exhilarating, reaffirming and impactful, but for your memories to be ones of breathtaking vistas and natural wonder (not gasping for breath and feeling faint from exhaustion) you need to be fit enough to enjoy what you are doing. Here’s what I do to train for my own adventures, tips that are sure to have you...
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