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One of my favorite places on Earth lies in the verdant northeastern corner of Ecuador; Yasuni National Park is home to the Napo Wildlife Center, one of our most popular rainforest lodges. More importantly, Yasuni is home to hundreds of species of birds, mammals, insects and plants, as well as traditional home to two of Ecuador’s main indigenous cultures, the Kichwa and Huaorani . It sits at the convergence of the Andes, the Equator and the Amazon rainforest, what National Geographic has called “…an ecological bullseye.” The name Yasuni may ring a faint bell, as this was the spot that Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, offered up to the world conservation community to purchase, rather than turn it over to oil companies for exploitation. Unfortunately, the deal never materialized. Here, on this 3:23 minute video, is a look at what we all stand to lose if this amazing reserve is clear...

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  I love everything about traveling, including the journey to get to where I'm going. My trip to Morocco started with a flight from Seattle to Frankfurt and something I have always enjoyed about flying is looking out the window. For me it's better than tv, as I flew over the cascades and the Canadian Rockies I couldn't help but dream about climbing all the great peaks I saw. Then I was lucky enough to watch an electric sunrise over Iceland. Once I landed in Frankfurt I decided to make the most of my layover and take the train into the city to explore. But before I did anything I got myself a nice big pretzel and that hit the spot after my long flight. In Frankfurt I found some beautiful churches, nice parks and some pretty incredible architecture. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to explore more, but nonetheless...

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At Wildland Adventures, we strongly believe that travel is not a luxury so much as a human right. Maybe even an obligation to be a good, informed world citizen. And I believe, as a woman, that may be even more true for our sex. I have traveled solo the majority of my life time on the road. Sometimes that raises eyebrows, but more often than not I see it as an advantage. People open up more to a woman, you’re welcomed inside and trusted more readily. Why? While I may have ideas, I can’t definitively answer that. But I’m thankful for it!  The women I meet – especially those in very male-dominated cultures – are incredibly curious about my life and want to know how and why I came to be traveling alone, “With no husband??” Unbelievable!! I like to think it moves them to question the status quo just...

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While it might seem obvious to most observers outside the adventure travel industry, there are myriad reasons to love what we do here at Wildland Adventures. Sure, the travel is a major part of that enjoyment – who wouldn’t love catching a yacht in the Galapagos Islands and hiking through the tropical rainforest's of South America, or trekking with Bedouins across the Jordanian canyon lands?  But that’s only the most glaring – and glamorous - advantage of what we do. It’s the smaller, daily reinforcements that keep us coming back to our desks, and working long hours into the evening and holidays to make sure reservations are made, trekking permits are secured, yacht cabins are the right fit for a family of 6 – or 30! Things like a short email from a lovely young couple finally reserving a long-awaited and hard-earned vacation, saying “I just jumped around a bunch...

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We always have new places we plan to go, great guides we know in far off lands to share with you, and new trips we have in design that we have not yet announced. Often our alumni travelers ask us to design new trips to places they want to go so they can travel there in our more authentic and in-depth Wild style of exploring the world. Or, sometimes we turn our own vacations into Wildland exploratory trips like Jeff Stivers did when he turned a trekking trip into the jungles of Borneo into one of our first new forays in SE Asia as our Untamed Borneo Adventure. We are also often approached by outfitters and guides in far flung places who want to introduce our travelers to their country, family and friends. Indeed, the best thing about what we do is developing new trips through our expanding network of...
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