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Chile for hip travelers

Chile for hip travelers
When thinking of trips to Chile, most travelers think of the rugged, southern frontier of Patagonia or the arid, crimson Atacama Desert in the north. Santiago, when compared to some of it austral capitol counterparts, is often overlooked. Though I personally do not find Santiago to be the most inspiring of cities, its surrounding wine country and western, more artsy sibling city on the coast, Valparaiso, are absolutely amazing and tend to go undiscovered by the vast majority of adventure travelers. When taking off on an adventure, I find that as much as I yearn for foreign nature and wilderness, I equally find myself lusting for culture and unfamiliar urban inspiration. Santiago’s neighboring areas of Valparaiso and diverse wine country offer just this juxtaposition and make for an excellent way to begin or end a trip in Chile before or after embarking out into its more far-flung back country. Take...
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The Best Birthday Lunch in My Life!

This is what a birthday suit looks like on a tour in Argentina. “In all my 61 years I can say unequivocally without any doubt that this is the best meal I've ever had on my birthday!” That’s how Duke described our lunch at Bodega Ruca Malen. And several of the rest of us might even rate this the best lunch in our lives all things considered: outdoor formal table setting with a sea of glasses and silver overlooking Cuyo de Lujan vineyards, beautiful sunny day with white billowy clouds over the Andes, exquisite 5 course tasting menu paired with the bodega’s wines, and exceptional table service including fun interactions with the young Chef Lucas at each course. Warning: The following tasting menu may be hazardous to read if you are hungry or thisty! Our Argentina gastronomy tour table setting at Ruca Malen bodega. Two appetizers: Small goat cheese truffle,...
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