The Art of Organized Packing

The Art of Organized Packing

My first step for packing for any adventure is to write my pack list and the second is to pull out my packing cubes and my RuMe Reveal Pockets . When traveling with all of my belongings on my back, I try to stay as organized as possible.

I can’t count how many times my Ziploc bags have broke during travel and The RuME pockets are a great solution. They are durable, lightweight and TSA approved.

The packing cubes are also great as you can see through them and they are flexible - no need to sit on them to make them close! I put dirty clothes in one, my clean clothes in another and my son’s clothes in a third. Finally, my dirty shoes get a fully-closed cube. When you get to your hotel, just pull out the cubes and you are unpacked! Or go to the beach with one complete with your towel, swimsuit, sunscreen and magazines. Several companies make excellent cubes, but I especially like the bags made by Eagle Creek and Travelon. You can count on their quality and they have several different styles of cubes.

Now, back to packing. I'm headed on a three week adventure to Turkey and I'm traveling to Greece to check in with our local operators and hopefully scout some new locations to take our travelers.

Keeping it wild,

Laura Finkelstein
Wildland Program Director

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