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The Sun Also Rises Over The Mediterranean

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After beating the streets of the old city in Istanbul, and hiking ancient trails through Cappadocia, then driving over the Taurus Mountains to Antalya, we dropped our bags in our sea front cottages in the village of Cirali and flung ourselves into the warm, salty Mediterranean. Ahhh...this is what I love most about this trip, and by September the summer sun has heated the sea and the salinity keeps you afloat; I turn on my back, ears below the water level so I can only hear my breath, and close my eyes--it feels like I'm back in the womb. The first day of our forthcoming 5 night voyage along the Turquoise Coast several of us arose early to watch the sun arise out of the sea and the day started aglow in orange and red over the glistening, calm Mediterranean Sea rippling by the swimmer lazily taking a dip at dawn.

Before we board our gulet we drive up the coast to the small harbor of Kekova whereupon our bags get hustled down the dock and we are lead along the shore to meet our kayak crew. On this Wildland Adventure, we don't just board the boat; no, we launch our kayaks t into the calm harbor to paddle for half a day and meet our gulet anchored off shore. But first we have to paddle across a narrow channel, and just as we are about to get started behind me I hear commotion and splashing as Doug rolls his boat before he has a chance to get used to the more tipsy feel of his single kayak. But, no harm done, the water is warm and we're just out for some fun to float over the sunken city, an ancient town partly submerged under the crystal clear water by past earthquakes.

It's the best way to see the sunken city, close to shore and at water level, but we have to pay close attention; most tourists just cruise by the island in a long stream of gulet day-boats so we have to hug the shoreline and we get a excellent close-up view of half-submerged rock tombs, walls and rooms, and old foundations dating back 2000 years in the sea below. The tourists on day boats, on the other hand, are busy snapping photos of the cool kayakers paddling along in a line against the clear blue waters and rocky ruins.


Keeping it wild,

Kurt Kutay
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