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Travelers Make Better Lovers

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This photo really does says it all, traveling with your love is one of the most powerful experiences you can have togehter. When I took this photo I was traveling with a girlfriend and when we stumbled upon this sign it really made us realize how lucky we were to be traveling the world together. By far my best trips and memories have been spent traveling with someone I love. No matter what level or state the relationship was in, traveling together strenghted our bond. Traveling also gives you a chance to take your relationship to new heights. It gives you all the elements you need to build a better and stronger relationship: lots of time together (which, with our busy schedules doesn't happen as oftern as we like.), unforgettable memories, new expeirences, a reason to spoil each other and most importantly... it gives you a chance to leave all you worries and stress at home and live in the moment. 

Regardless if your relationship is blooming or on the rocks, a romantic getaway will enrich both your lives for the better. The most important thing is to make the most of your trip and live like there is nothing more important than the person your with. Just in case you need some pointers, here are five tips to help make your adventure more romantic. 

Try zipliningTry ziplining1. TRY SOMETHING NEW: Whether that is an activity, language, cultural event or even just a new food; it doesn't matter. When you let your guard down and try something new it shows just how strong you really are. 



A romantic safari dinner will work!A romantic safari dinner will work!2. Plan a surprise: Even if you are on a scheduled trip or traveling with a group, plan a surprise on the side. Maybe it's a special picnic or a walk to an incredible scenic point with a bottle of wine and dessert waiting. Wildland Adventures guides are always happy to make these special moments happen and our staff can help you plan a surprise moment before you get to your destination.


Leave your work at homeLeave your work at home3. Leave everything at home: Make sure you leave any promblems and stress at home, live in the moment and make the most of your time togehter. 



AwwwwwAwwwww4. Be a cassanova: Why not take full advantage of the moment and be as romantic as possible. Take the time to tell your patrner how much they mean to you and go all out on making each and every moment incredible.  


Camel ride in MoroccoCamel ride in Morocco

5. Plan your next adventure: Keep the momentum going, start talking about where the two of you want to go next while you're traveling. This will bring that sense of adventure home and give you both something to look forward to in the future.

Carpe diem!

Your friendly romantic traveler,


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