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Tropical Paradise and Dragons!

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I recently got asked what trip am I most excited about sending travelers on in 2014. My personal favorite has to do with dragons and not just because I’m also really excited for the 2nd Hobbit movie to come out! I’m talking about REAL dragons, the ones you can find only in the Komodo Islands of Indonesia. My wife and I had the privilege of joining one of our Indonesian Adventure Voyages on the Ombak Putih which departs from Bali and tip-toes through the eastern archipelago visiting remote fishing communities, deserted islands with off shore coral reefs of incredible biodiversity and of course foot pursuits to find dragons in the Komodo National Park.

This photo shoud give you a pretty good idea of the size of the dragons.


b2ap3_thumbnail_bugi_schooner_2.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_bugi_schooner_2.jpgNot only are the adventurous parts amazing, but it’s everything in-between that makes this trip a winner too! The ship is a locally built bugi schooner of tremendous craftsmanship. Spacious, yet intimate. A ship this size gives you the chance to make lifelong friends with other international travelers (24 max). Although, there is still plenty of space to getaway to enjoy the panoramic views or relax with a good book in peace. The crew are a funny bunch that go out of their way to make the trip stress free and relaxing, including setting up evening BBQ’s on the beach and even pulling out a guitar and singing a few traditional songs.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Indonesian_warrior.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_Indonesian_warrior.jpgAdditionally, you can easily add time before or after the voyage to explore Balinese Hindu culture and verdant beauty of Bali, remote beaches of the Gili Islands or challenging crater hikes on Lombok. The Indonesian islands offer lots of opportunity for discovery and I can’t wait to get back!

Keeping it wild,

Jeff Stivers
Got questions about traveling to IndonesiaAsk me, I'm happy to share my personal experience with you.

Here's some of my favorite photos from my trip to Indonesia.



  • Robert Ronning
    Robert Ronning Thursday, 04 June 2015

    That's great article. Komodo Island is one of the exotic travel locations. This is the location of safari and adventure with the presence of wild animals called Komodo Dragon. Certainly is an experience in itself could interact significantly with these animals. and the island of Komodo is very exotic tropical location. like a lost world with a view that is very unique. That's why this place became one of the world's cultural heritage. very interesting. Nice post. thanks.

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