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What if your children planned a trip to Greece?

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Remember the month your son spent absorbed in the Percy Jackson series? How he got out his pen and acted as though it was Percy’s Riptide Sword? Or when your daughter dressed up as Athena with full body armor and pretended to be leading a battle to face Achilles at Troy? Do you recall when they studied Greek history in school and drew images of what they supposed Mt. Olympus looks like?

They would take you there, on a family trip to Greece! To the places they read about, in search of the gods. They would climb Olympia, and explore every corner of Delphi or the Palamidi castle. They would run like Olympic athletes at the Athen’s Panathinaikon Stadium. Laugther would erupt while they dunk each other in the River Neda.

Your daughter would ask to go swimming in the sea as often as possible and to spend time with you playing in the sand. Your son would stop to kick a soccer ball with the kids in the alleys of Mykonos and would delight on coming across sheep while walking in the hills of Tinos. They would dive into the fantastic fresh cheese, seafood, warm bread and other Greek specialties.

Most of all, they would ask to spend time together enjoying your full attention and the unadulterated time of a true family vacation.

Now is your chance to do just that. Join me and my 11-year-old son this August our Family Adventure in the Pelopennese and Cyclades. We look forward to traveling with you! 

Keeping it wild,

Laura Finkestein

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  • Kurt Kutay
    Kurt Kutay Wednesday, 19 March 2014

    Greece is such a family-friendly destination not only from the standpoint of the history, beautiful landscapes to run around, great food, and the sea for swimming, but Greeks love to have fun with family, theirs and yours if you travel there.

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