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Wildland took the stress out of our Belize honeymoon.

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We aren't the type of people that can sit on the deck of a cruise ship for 10 days, drinking boat drinks (although we have no objection to boat drinks), and call it a honeymoon.  So a trip to Belize was perfect for us!  It gave us the perfect balance of adventure travel and tropical destination.  We spent part of our time exploring underground caves through Mayan sacred spaces and seeing the remains of their great cities. Those days were ideally complimented with time on the coast, as beach bums, snorkelers,  fly fisherman (and woman), and generally getting pampered.  It was just the right balance of culture and comfort.

Wildland took the stress out of adventure travel.  At Black Rock Lodge, we ate dinner with a different couple each night.  Each of them told stories of how difficult it was for them to get to this part of Belize.  These stories included 5 hour bus rides, getting lost in rented cars, and hitchhiking.  Our story we related to them was shaking hands with our new friend Carlos outside the airport, Carlos taking us to buy Belkin beers, and then driving straight to the Lodge.  There is NO WAY we could have seen as much of Belize as we did without the insight, expertise and experience of Wildland.
Carly Matteson and Kyle Kiser

Thank you Wildland for giving us a stress free and incredible honeymoon in Belize!

Carly Matteson and Kyle Kiser


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    Kurt Kutay Wednesday, 13 February 2013

    It's not every day we get to go the wedding (e...

    It's not every day we get to go the wedding (especially in Breckenridge, CO) and plan the honeymoon too! We're so glad you loved the honeymoon. We're ready to plan your first family adventure whenever you come calling!

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