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I think I hear whales!

Guest evaluation from our Alaska Inside Passage Adventure Voyage: Eastern Coves Please recount any personal highlights, inspirations or insights you experienced on your Wildland Adventure: 1. Crawling into bed, pulling the covers up and Wally saying, "I think I hear whales!" We grabbed our jackets and headed out to the bow where about 20 other passengers stood in silence! Capt Danny (We loved Capt Danny!!!) had turned lights on shining down into the water turning it jade green. Off the the boat but out of range of any light, we could see, hear and smell the whales as they blew and breached. The splash of the breach and shadow of the breaching whale visible. At that moment I looked up to see the Milky Way so close it looked like you could touch it and witnessed several shooting stars ... night of the Perseides meteor shower!! Honestly, I get goose bumps every time I...
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