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New Bedouin Trek to Petra

Are you looking for something completely new? Do you feel yourself slipping into a “been there/done that” funk? I have the cure! My name is Sherry Howland and I am the Jordan program director for Wildland Adventures and I'm here to tell you that our new  Bedouin Trek to Petra is a one-of-a-kind adventure you won't just find on every travel site. In fact, you will find it with Wildland Adventures alone. Pioneered by Yamaan Safady , one of Jordan’s most respected adventure guides, the Bedouin Trek to Petra was created by Yamaan after months spent living with the Bedouin tribes in the remote interior of Jordan, tracing their timeless nomadic routes and establishing the best campsites along the way.     Sherry and Yamaan share a laugh, one of many, trekking for 5 days into the back side of Petra  through the desert, mountains and wadis (canyons) of Jordan.   As...
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