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My family may be a bit unusual for instead of sweet nothings, my son whispers his travel dreams in my ear. The other day he whispered “Egypt”, “Denmark”, "India". I looked at him quizzically. He explained these are countries he wants to visit. Naturally I was curious as to why these disparate places particularly and I learned the answers: Egypt due to a series of fiction books he is reading by Ric Riordan starting with “The Red Pyramid” , Denmark to make a pilgrimage to Lego headquarters, and India because his mom plans trips there. I enjoy introducing my favorite destinations to Benjamin, so I have recruited him to help me lead our Escorted South India Family Adventure in April 2014. Come join us! We will be hiking in coffee-covered hills, searching for elephants in a nature reserve, floating on peaceful rivers, looking up at 57-foot statue of a Jain Lord and building...
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