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New Places We Plan To Go In Far Off Lands

We always have new places we plan to go, great guides we know in far off lands to share with you, and new trips we have in design that we have not yet announced. Often our alumni travelers ask us to design new trips to places they want to go so they can travel there in our more authentic and in-depth Wild style of exploring the world. Or, sometimes we turn our own vacations into Wildland exploratory trips like Jeff Stivers did when he turned a trekking trip into the jungles of Borneo into one of our first new forays in SE Asia as our Untamed Borneo Adventure. We are also often approached by outfitters and guides in far flung places who want to introduce our travelers to their country, family and friends. Indeed, the best thing about what we do is developing new trips through our expanding network of friends...
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Guest — Kurt Kutay
You're welcome. We keep exploring and sharing new information about our discoveries and cool places and wonderful people we meet!... Read More
Thursday, 31 January 2013 06:52
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Thanks for taking time for sharing this post, it was excellent...i found a lot of informative stuff in your post keep it up thank ... Read More
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