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Dancing to the End of the World

My favorite activity is dancing – West African, Afro-Brasilian, pure Samba, bellydance, you name it. And nowhere is dance more highly regarded and more integral to each day of life than in Salvador, Bahia, in the northeastern reaches of Brazil. If I knew the world would truly end on a specific day, I would book a flight to Salvador immediately, bringing along as many of my dance friends as possible, and we would join the throngs of partying Bahians in the cobbled streets of the old city, the Pelourinho – because of course Brazilians would quite naturally respond to the end of the world – as with any event – by dancing, making music, singing!   I’m sure the drum group Olodum (who performed on Paul Simon’s Rhythm of the Saints and in Michael Jackson’s video They Don’t Care About Us) would be leading the crowd in thunderous samba reggae rhythms...
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