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Our Walk Through A Jurassic Park on Safari in Botswana

Relaxed and smiling now, after our walk, but when they are leading foot safaris in the bush, Brian and Chantal are focused!     Brian points out the leopard tracks at our feet. He kicks over a fresh pile of dung on our path where a buffalo has just passed. And, with a keen ear he listens intently to the trumpeting of a young elephant somewhere in the trees around us. “This is a Jurassic Park we’re walking through!” he exclaims in an excited whisper. We had heard elephants trumpeting around us so we walked to the top of this rise and could be more relaxed seeing that we were separated from the herd by a large lagoon.  We signed up for a jaunt on foot through the bush in the Linyanti concession on our Botswana safari with expert trackers and bush guides, Brian Rode and Chantal Venter. On a walking...
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