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Botswana Named Top Destination in 2013

Fodor’s just recently named Botswana as one of the top destinations to visit in 2013 and for good reason. Safaris in Botswana are THE place to go for a truly WILD adventure into the Africa Wilderness, far away from signs of human development like fences, roads, and cities. Botswana’s, and perhaps Africa’s crown jewel, The Okavango Delta is widely known as the Garden of Eden. The world’s richest and largest inland delta system is home to some of the last great herds of iconic mammals such as elephants, buffalo and zebra. Travelers experience the wilderness from the comforts of a tented camp, either permanent or mobile, and thus there is no “commuting” to the wildlife like in other parks and reserves. The Kalahari Desert often is traveled to as an extension to the Reserves and Parks like Okavango and Chobe with stunning open vistas, unique Kalahari game viewing, interactions with local Bushman and...
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