30 Years of Going Wild: Shedding your baggage to find your soul

30 years of going Wild
Motoring up the Amazon River in a dugout canoe 30 years ago, we could see them running from afar. As soon as they heard us approaching, the small native Yagua tribe ran into their huts in jeans and t-shirts, and exited to greet us half-naked in grass skirts with blowguns in hand. In that instant leading my first group tour I decided this: At Wildla...
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Want a summer getaway? Why not SE Asia!?

Travelers are sometimes hesitant to book a trip to Southeast Asia between April and September, as it is monsoon/rainy season. It is believed that the rain might spoil the holiday. Not so! For those seeking travel without the crowds the ' green season ', as some locals call it, is the time when many SE Asia destinations are at their best.  We h...
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3 Wild and Crazy Women Who Inspire Me to Travel

Until recently, I thought the average adventure traveler was a young man but I was surprised to learn that it's actually a 47-year-old female! Women are traveling more and more these days and they recently became the biggest consumers of outdoor goods, making up 51% of the market! Women have always been exploring and traveling but have mo...
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The Amazing Landscapes of Morocco

When I arrived in Morocco , I expected to be blown away by the food, the bustling souks, and the vibrant culture. What I didn't expect was to leave Morocco impressed by the sheer amount of geographic diversity that this small nation has to offer. Roughly the size of California you can start your day on the ocean and arrive in th...
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Explore Easter Island: The Most Remote Inhabited Place on Earth

Chile is a country that, from north to south, reaches over 4,300 kilometers in a narrow strip of land between the rugged Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Such a great expanse gives way to an array of privileged landscapes - beginning with the planet's most arid desert, transitioning through a fertile central valley, down through a land of lak...
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