10 Reasons Why Chile's Trending in 2018

Chile was recently named the top country to visit in 2018 by Lonely Planet and we couldn't agree more. The longest, thinnest country in the world, this sliver of land is sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain range and spans over half of South America. Chile boasts a tremendous amount of geographic...
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Iconic Creatures of Patagonia: What, When, and Where to to See Them

Andean Condor The Andean condor is the most iconic of all Patagonia creatures. It plays a huge role in the folklore of South America and is the national symbol of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. With a wingspan of over 10 feet, these massive birds are often seen circling in the sky, perhaps ...
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Travelers Wanted for 2018 Trip to Patagonia!

What are you doing this February? Why not join Wildland and explore Patagonia on our new itinerary, the Southern Crossing . Embark on an adventure that follows the world renowned Carretera Austral from the wild north of Chilean Patagonia to the iconic spires of Argentinian Patagonia and Fitz Roy. This active hiking itinerary links forgotten Patagon...
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Explore Easter Island: The Most Remote Inhabited Place on Earth

Chile is a country that, from north to south, reaches over 4,300 kilometers in a narrow strip of land between the rugged Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Such a great expanse gives way to an array of privileged landscapes - beginning with the planet's most arid desert, transitioning through a fertile central valley, down through a land of lak...
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Wildland Adventures Supports Conservacion Patagonica

Wildland Adventures was founded on the principle that culturally and environmentally responsible travel can be a powerful force for change . Tourism should contribute to conservation and benefit local communities. All trips with Wildland Adventures include a donation by which our travelers can support local conservation initiatives and small-scale ...
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