5 things we can learn from Costa Rica (the happiest place on earth)

What makes people happy and are some countries really happier than others? Recently named the happiest country in Latin America by the United Nations World Happiness Report , Costa Rica ranked 12th in the world, behind Canada at #7 and in front of the US at #14, making them the 2nd happiest country in the Ame...
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Luxury Resort, Arenal Nayara, Opens Sloth Sanctuary

Arenal Nayara , a luxury resort near the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, has always been a favorite of mine, but it just got even better; or should I say slower? A leader in conservation, the resort has been planting Cepropia trees, the main food source for the resident sloths and overtime the sloth popula...
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Costa Rica Hotel Review: Hotel Lagarta Lodge

I love planning authentic trips for travelers to experience Costa Rica so it's always exciting when I find new boutique hotels that are unique, secluded and less touristy. Normally I wait for a new hotel to go through its first 'high season' to make sure all the elements are fine-tuned but recently my family ...
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Why Costa Rica's the best country for family travel (even if you’ve already been there!)

Home to an astonishing abundance of tropical flora and fauna, Costa Rica is a mecca for ecologically minded families. But why is it so popular and why do families keep going back to the same country? We have designed more family trips to Costa Rica than any other country in the world; here are the 4 main reasons why families travel to Costa Rica an...
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Experience Costa Rican Country Life (Vida Campesina)

At Wildland Adventures, we  design trips that will strengthen our own humanity along with building the kind of intercultural bonds that enhance rather than exploit the people and places where we travel. One of my favorite cultural exchanges in Costa Rica is a trip to Arenal Vida Campesina. We frequently take guests to Arena...
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