Belize & Guatemala Family Vacation - "Why we travel with Wildland"

The Campbell-Hill Family came to us looking for a family vacation in Central America. They chose our Belize Tikal Adventure in Belize and Guatemala, an active family-friendly tour that offers an exploration of the rich natural history of Belize and Guatemala. Here are some highlights from their trip and why they keep choosing to travel wi...
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Glacier Discovery and Beginning Kayaking in Alaska

Alaska Cruise in the morning
It's always the start of a good day when you wake up to clear skies. Rain is common in Southeast Alaska and though it rarely cancels activities, its absence makes the world seem that much brighter. Baird Glacier was on the docket for today. Baird was once a tidewater glacier but it's retreated to become a hanging glacier and the guides on the Wilde...
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Review from a 3rd Grader Part 3: Five Reasons an Alaska Family Trip is Awesome

Child on an Alaska Cruise
1. It's awesome! They never leave you on shore to just find something to do, they always plan activities and the activities are always fun. You can go kayaking, hiking, skiff touring, or bushwhacking, which is going on land and walking through the forest with a guide who tells you about the different kinds of trees, and plants, and animals, an...
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Review from a 3rd Grader Part 1: My First Day on an Alaska Cruise - KAZAAM!

Alaska Family Cruises
By Cassie Garrett, 3rd Grade On my first day on the boat we went on a skiff tour. It was my first time on a skiff. A skiff tour is when you just drive around on a small motor boat, you don't get out. It was pretty cold though. I had to wear five layers on the top, four layers on the bottom. I also wore wool socks and rubber rain boots. We drov...
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Searching for whales and childhood dreams in Alaska

Growing up I was the kid who could name all the different kinds of whales and knew which ones were toothed whales and which ones had baleen and what baleen actually was! So when a colleague asked me how far I'd go for adventure I knew the answer was a  trip to Alaska .  My trip to Alaska was a childhood dream fulfilled. Captain Alex ...
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