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7 Things Costa Ricans want you to know before you visit

sunset-costa-rica 7 Things you should know about Costa Rica
As a native Costa Rican and as Wildland Adventures Costa Rica program director I enjoy sharing facts about my country. Below are 7 things you should know about Costa Ricans before you visit. 1. Hola Tico: Costa Ricans call themselves Ticos and Ticas. 2. No Army: We feel very proud that we have no standing army and we want everyone to know! It was constitutionally abolished in 1949. 3. Pura Vida: It is our national saying, which means “pure life,” a sunny, feel good expression used as a greeting, goodbye, or if someone asks how you are doing. 4. Gallo Pinto: We love it! Gallo Pinto (rice and beans with herbs) is a stable dish of our diet that we can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 5. Sorry Google Maps: We don’t move around by street signs, nor addresses with streets and avenues in Costa Rica. Our address system is...
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