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5 Reasons to Start Planning a Trip to India

1. The Tigers They are big, beautiful and endangered, but travelers can still see tigers in India in the wild. There may be as few as 3,200 wild tigers left in existence, with an estimated 3,800 remaining in India. Three tiger subspecies (Bali, Javan and Caspian) have already gone extinct and a fourth (the South China tiger) the next on the brink. Illegal poaching is the primary cause of the tiger's decline, driven by black market demand for tiger skins, bones and organs. The wild tiger once roamed throughout much of Asia. Today, this magnificent cat remains in just 7% of its original habitat. Shrinking tiger habitat is becoming increasingly fragmented due to encroachment by commercial uses and expanding human populations around tiger habitat. 2. There is more to India than the Taj MahalEveryone goes on tours to India for the Taj Mahal but few know about the Chambal River Sanctuary, located nearby. It is a world apart from the famous mausoleum;...
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Guest — Jonathan Park
So do I!
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 09:42
Guest — Jonathan Burnham
Oh man... If I already didn't want to go to India bad enough! I think India would be such a unique experience and I can't wait to ... Read More
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 02:43
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Tigers of Kanha and Bandavgarh

Leaving the unorganized chaos of Delhi behind we sought the peace and quiet of the jungle, and the anticipation of spending 6 days on 8 safari game drives in search of the Bengal tiger. It takes 5 hours drive from the Jabalpur airport to get to Kanha National Park and our accommodations at the Kanha Jungle Lodge, but here the sounds are squawking parrots, barking deer, and monkeys rattling the tree branches . Every morning at 6:15 AM we pass through the gates, returning by 10:30 after a bush breakfast in the field, then back into the park at 2:45 until we must exit by 5:45 dusk. We try not to be too "tiger centric" but the anticipation of driving through carnivore territory, hearing the alarm calls of monkey and deer, knowing that Bengal tigers and leopards are lurking in the tall grass and bamboo thickets watching us is a little...
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