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Slow Down and Watch the Turtles!

see-turtles-in-costa-rica How and Where to see turtles in Costa Rica
If you haven’t experienced a guided night tour to observe any of the different types of sea turtles laying their eggs in the sand then consider traveling to Costa Rica for this incredible opportunity. Our country is a primary nest site for 4 of the main species of sea turtles. Being part of this sacred ritual gives us the chance to appreciate their beauty and innocent energy. Watching the babies hatch starting their journey through life is an amazing analogy for human kind. Some do not get to see the light, some make it just a few steps after devoured by their predators, even when entering the water there are other predators waiting, many make it beyond the ocean shores but just a few actually become fully developed adults. It is a process you can’t interfere with, if you take them directly to the water they would drown. They need to do it on their own, the short walk from the nest to...
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