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5 Things You Can't Leave Home Without

Here at Wildland we don't just love travel: we live, eat, breathe, talk, walk and dream adventure travel! Knowing that, our Wild staff wanted to share 5 things they can't leave home without. Wildland's Top 5 Things You Can't Leave Home Without 1. Journal- Record all of your favorite memories, it makes it a lot easier to share them when you get home. 2. Headlamp- One of the ultimate multipurpose tools and also great in case of an emergency. 3. Bandanna, pashmina, scarf or hat- Keeps you warm, keeps you cool and has plenty of other uses. 4. Phrase Book- Not only is it polite to learn some simple phrases in the native language of the country you're visiting, but is also a great way to start a conversation. Maybe you'll even make a new lifelong friend. 5. Postcards and pictures of family from home- It's a great starting point for conversations with...
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