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Costa Rica: How to see Whales and Dolphins

humpback_Whale Dolphins and whales are always a highlight of Costa Rica
Costa Rica enjoys one of the most biologically diverse ocean ecosystems in the world. This is mainly because the heart of this vast habitat is known as the Costa Rican Thermal Convection Dome (named for its proximity to this country) lies here. Shallow warm waters lie on top of low-oxygen cold water, creating the perfect ecosystem for a vast variety of marine life. Whales (orcas, pilot, humpbacks, beaked, brydes), dolphins, tuna, marlin, manta rays, sea turtles, sailfish and more, congregate in this area taking advantage of the rich waters year-round. The humpback whales visit us from two separate hemispheres, giving us the longest humpback season in the world. The great whales come to our warm protected waters from December to April from Alaska and again between August and the end of November from Antarctica. It’s easy to spot humpback whales since they live at the ocean’s surface, both in the open ocean...
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