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TRAVEL and COVID-19 (updated 03/24/20)

TRAVEL and COVID-19 (updated 03/24/20)

Updated: March 24, 2020

These are unprecedented times. The impact of the COVID-19 virus has changed the world drastically and abruptly in just a few weeks. The pandemic is impacting communities all around the world and at home as we all take measures to adapt and slow the pandemic. The impact of this catastrophic global event has brought travel to a standstill currently. Travelers booked on forthcoming trips are unsure if and when they should depart, while others planning to venture into the world further out are wondering when conditions will improve to be confident about their departure.

Government and health authorities are prohibiting international travel for the foreseeable future through April and likely longer. Many governments continue to close borders and restrict domestic mobility with little notice.  

The spread of the virus and measures to control it are evolving rapidly requiring everyone to pay close attention to health authorities and government officials including restricted movement and limited social interaction. As we all shelter in place taking care of our family and friends at home, we know from our travels that we share this common struggle together with others we've met on our journeys and that there are better days ahead. 

Changing, Rescheduling or Canceling Your Trip

If you are booked on a trip in the near future, please contact us or we will be in touch with you to help you decide if you should postpone your trip or how much more time you have before that decision should be made. Depending on how far out you have booked a trip we will assist you in rescheduling your departure, or canceling your plans if you feel it is necessary. Airlines and local travel service providers around the world are modifying their change and cancellation penalties considering the global impact of the pandemic. Should you request us to make changes in your travel plans, we will advocate on your behalf to minimize change fees and cancellation penalties. We appreciate your understanding that local guides, accommodations and service providers in every destination are operating under different circumstances and policies. Therefore, individual questions about travel, as well as requests to postpone or cancel a trip, must be addressed on a case by case basis.

Will travel insurance coverage apply to COVID-19?

If you need to file an insurance claim for recent travels contact your insurance company directly to file and determine coverage. For the Travelex Insurance policy that we offer, and most other travel insurance policies, fear of travel, travel advisories or a destination being inaccessible due to government regulation or border closings due to pandemic are not covered risks. When you book your next trip and purchase trip insurance, be sure to purchase it within 21 days of trip deposit for advantages, one of which is you are allowed to transfer a newly booked trip one time to a future date if you needed to postpone. Also, note that Travelex no longer offers a Cancel for Any Reason rider at this time. For any questions about travel insurance, ask your travel insurance provider about details and limitations for any plan you are considering or have purchased.

Perspective and Sensibility

No one knows just how long the pandemic will last, how far reaching it will be, and how many communities and families will suffer by the disease and the economic fallout. In times like these, the travel experiences we've had and those we can look forward to in the future feed our soul even more. Whenever we are able travel in the days ahead, we will all be welcomed with open arms by local people. Wherever you go they will be overjoyed to see you and happy to share the beautiful places where they make their home. As we get through this together and wait until the moment feels right to take off again, let's keep talking about future plans if that helps you make it through these challenging times. 

In the meantime, there are many ways we can still travel. Read a book. Watch inspiring movies. Cook a meal from the place of your next dream trip. Get outdoors to stay fit, take in the fresh air, and touch the beauty of life at home. And just like we do on a Wildland Adventure when we travel abroad and support local communities, this is our time to be close-knit at home at-a-distance, to be in touch with our neighbors and others in our communities who need help. And big gratitude for our health workers, truck drivers, store employees, and so many others who help keep the essentials of life going. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will keep this page up-to-date as conditions evolve.

Helpful Links:
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